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Artcraft Lighting SC13011 Artcraft Lighting SC13012 Artcraft Lighting SC13013 Artcraft Lighting SC13014
Artcraft AR-SC13011 Eddie Bathroom Vanities Artcraft AR-SC13012 Eddie Bathroom Vanities Artcraft AR-SC13013 Eddie Bathroom Vanities Artcraft AR-SC13014 Eddie Bathroom Vanities
Artcraft Lighting SC142 Artcraft Lighting SC144 Artcraft Lighting SC146 Artcraft Lighting SC147
AR-SC144 Sydney Chandelier
Our Price: $335.00
AR-SC146 Sydney Chandelier
Our Price: $449.00
AR-SC147 Sydney Chandelier
Our Price: $492.00
Artcraft AR-SC142 Sydney Wall Bracket Artcraft AR-SC144 Sydney Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC146 Sydney Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC147 Sydney Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC155BK Artcraft Lighting SC155CH Artcraft Lighting SC1562 Artcraft Lighting SC1563
Artcraft AR-SC155BK Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC155CH Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC1562 Lexington Flush Mount Artcraft AR-SC1563 Lexington Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC1564 Artcraft Lighting SC1564WS Artcraft Lighting SC1566 Artcraft Lighting SC1566WS
Artcraft AR-SC1564 Lexington Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC1564WS Lexington Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC1566 Lexington Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC1566WS Lexington Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC1567 Artcraft Lighting SC1567WS Artcraft Lighting SC1569 Artcraft Lighting SC1569WS
Artcraft AR-SC1567 Lexington Wall Bracket Artcraft AR-SC1567WS Lexington Wall Bracket Artcraft AR-SC1569 Lexington Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC1569WS Lexington Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC158BK Artcraft Lighting SC158CH Artcraft Lighting SC159BK Artcraft Lighting SC159CH
Artcraft AR-SC158BK Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC158CH Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC159BK Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC159CH Birds of a Feather Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC160BK Artcraft Lighting SC160CH Artcraft Lighting SC290AB Artcraft Lighting SC290CH
Artcraft AR-SC160BK Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC160CH Birds of a Feather Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC290AB Broadview Pendant Artcraft AR-SC290CH Broadview Pendant
Artcraft Lighting SC290PN Artcraft Lighting SC291AB Artcraft Lighting SC291CH Artcraft Lighting SC291PN
Artcraft AR-SC290PN Broadview Pendant Artcraft AR-SC291AB Broadview Pendant Artcraft AR-SC291CH Broadview Pendant Artcraft AR-SC291PN Broadview Pendant
Artcraft Lighting SC421 Artcraft Lighting SC426 Artcraft Lighting SC428 Artcraft Lighting SC429
Artcraft AR-SC421 Gramercy Park Wall Bracket Artcraft AR-SC426 Gramercy Park Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC428 Gramercy Park Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC429 Gramercy Park Chandelier
Artcraft Lighting SC431BK Artcraft Lighting SC431WH Artcraft Lighting SC433BK Artcraft Lighting SC433WH
Artcraft AR-SC431BK Madison Single Pendant Artcraft AR-SC431WH Madison Single Pendant Artcraft AR-SC433BK Madison Chandelier Artcraft AR-SC433WH Madison Chandelier

If you have followed Steven and Chris through their hit television shows, you know their approach to design is more about helping you find your personal style and less about imposing their personal taste. Experienced and charismatic designers, Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman provide insight into design and help people in pursuit of beautiful living spaces.

Steven Sabados & Chris Hyndman, both born in Canada, joined forces in 1992 to form design company - The Sabados Group. Steven and Chris soon branched out and combined entertainment and design through do-it-yourself appearances on a variety of home decorating shows. Shortly after, Steven and Chris received a call to audition for HGTV Designer Guys. Together the calm & suave Steven and the dynamic & quick-witted Chris, sealed the deal and ultimately changed the course of their lives forever.

Since their smash hit debut of Designer Guys (2001) Steven and Chris launched a second successful interior design program Design Rivals (2003), plus the highly rated personal make over program So Chic with Steven and Chris (2005). The pair became household names, even catching the attention of Oprah Winfrey who featured their work on her show. The duo has taken the world by storm with their programs airing internationally in more than 80 countries.

Steven and Chris penned Designer Guys: Finding Your Personal Style (2003), a best-selling how-to book, encouraging people to build on their sense of self in order to create a home that reflects individual decor.

In January 2008 Steven and Chris went national with their own talk show Steven and Chris on CBC. Steven and Chris entertain audiences with tips and trends on home décor, health and beauty, food and entertaining plus much more. The show is a smash hit creating an even greater relationship between them and audiences. Stay tuned for the next stage of this dynamic duos' career!