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PLC 1771BZ PLC 81741 PC PLC 6578 SN
81741 PC Trento Mini Drop
Our Price: $140.00
6578 SN Praha Vanity
Our Price: $178.00
PLC 581 PC PLC 2316SN213PL PLC 2119BZ113Q
581 PC Concerto Sconce
Our Price: $160.00
2316SN213PL Bali Sconce
Our Price: $158.00
2119BZ113Q Lorca Exterior
Our Price: $96.00
PLC 7544 SN PLC 31700SL213Q PLC 7618 SN
7544 SN Gail Sconce
Our Price: $130.00
31700SL213Q Danza Exterior
Our Price: $138.00
7618 SN De Lion Ceiling
Our Price: $220.00
PLC 5516 BK PLC 5516WH218Q PLC 6516PB218Q
5516 BK Valencia Ceiling
Our Price: $98.00
PLC 22219IR226GU24 PLC 6512IR126GU24 PLC 1744BZ113GU24
PLC 6519 IR PLC 286 ORB PLC 1034 PC
6519 IR Valencia Ceiling
Our Price: $188.00
286 ORB Daisy Mini Drop
Our Price: $180.00
1034 PC Oriana Vanity
Our Price: $378.00
PLC 16606BZ126GU24 PLC 5512 WH PLC 77746 PC
5512 WH Valencia Ceiling
Our Price: $64.00
77746 PC Nest Vanity
Our Price: $260.00
PLC 22219PC226GU24 PLC 16606SL126GU24 PLC 8020SL113GU24
PLC 2024 WH PLC 81662 PC PLC 70065 PC
2024 WH Phoenix Exterior
Our Price: $98.00
81662 PC Martini Chandelier
Our Price: $1,750.00
70065 PC Icon Chandelier
Our Price: $958.00
PLC 938 SN PLC 21024 PC PLC 5512PB2PL13
938 SN Ibex Vanity
Our Price: $300.00
21024 PC Centrum Ceiling
Our Price: $118.00
Since 1989, PLC Lighting, Inc. has continued to provide its customers with both contemporary and traditional lighting fixtures in a multitude of styles. Their product can be found in showrooms throughout North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean Islands, who furnish the finest residences, hotels, restaurants, and office complexes all over the world.
Today, PLC are extremely proud and excited to introduce to you their latest catalog offering... "Contemporary Elegance". You, our valued customer, have spoken, and PLC Lighting, Inc. has responded by combining their four previous catalogs and various supplements into one comprehensive, easy-to-use, "encyclopedia of contemporary lighting". You will find not only our their sellers from the past, but over 500 of the newest and most stylish contemporary and traditional lighting fixtures available on the market today.