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Minka Lavery - the art of lighting

A new century... a new millenium... a new look. But underneath, still the same devotion to service, dedication to quality, and insistence on the high standards you have come to expect. We pledge to continue to strive for excellence and to remain on the cutting edge.
The Minka Group has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting industry. As a company, we pride ourselves in the quality and workmanship of each and every fixture we produce.
With the people and distribution operating on two continents, the Minka Group family of businesses is leading the way in product design, knit together by a single level of quality over a broad range of price points. Our products are available at retail under the brand names Minka-Lavery, Metropolitan, Ambience, Minka-Aire, The Great Outdoors and George Kovacs as well as several nationally recognized private label brands.

Product / Model Description Category
1012-44-PLMinka Lavery 1012-44-PL Energy Star Utility LightFlushmounts
1170-56Minka Lavery Dakota Wall Sconce 1170-56Wall Sconces
1171-56Minka Lavery Dakota Mini-Pendant 1171-56Mini-Pendants
1172-56Minka Lavery Dakota Pendant 1172-56Pendant Lighting
1173-56Minka Lavery Dakota Pendant 1173-56Pendant Lighting
1174-56Minka Lavery Dakota Pin-up Wall Sconce 1174-56Wall Sconces
1175-56Minka Lavery Dakota Semi-Flushmount 1175-56Semi-Flushmounts
1176-56Minka Lavery Dakota Chandelier 1176-56Chandeliers
1178-56Minka Lavery Dakota Chandelier 1178-56Chandeliers
1179-56Minka Lavery Dakota Chandelier 1179-56Chandeliers
1180-357Minka Lavery Raiden Wall Sconce 1180-357Wall Sconces
1181-357Minka Lavery Raiden Mini-Pendant 1181-357Mini-Pendants
1182-357Minka Lavery Raiden Pendant 1182-357Pendant Lighting
1183-357Minka Lavery Raiden Pendant 1183-357Pendant Lighting
1184-357Minka Lavery Raiden Semi-Flushmount 1184-357Semi-Flushmounts
1185-357Minka Lavery Raiden Chandelier 1185-357Chandeliers
1186-357Minka Lavery Raiden Chandelier 1186-357Chandeliers
1188-357Minka Lavery Raiden Chandelier 1188-357Chandeliers
1189-357Minka Lavery Raiden Pendant 1189-357Pendant Lighting
1190-14Minka Lavery Calavera Ceiling Medallion 1190-14Medallions
1190-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Medallion 1190-226Medallions
1190-357Minka Lavery Raiden Ceiling Medallion 1190-357Medallions
1198-357Minka Lavery Raiden Chandelier 1198-357Chandeliers
1199-357Minka Lavery Raiden Chandelier 1199-357Chandeliers
1257-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pendant 1257-357Pendant Lighting
1258-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pin-Up Wall Sconce 1258-357Wall Sconces
1259-357Minka Lavery Lineage Mini-Chandelier 1259-357Chandeliers
1270-357Minka Lavery Lineage Wall Sconce 1270-357Wall Sconces
1271-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pendant 1271-357Pendant Lighting
1272-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pendant 1272-357Pendant Lighting
1273-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pendant 1273-357Pendant Lighting
1274-357Minka Lavery Lineage Island Light 1274-357Chandeliers
1275-357Minka Lavery Lineage Pendant 1275-357Pendant Lighting
1276-357Minka Lavery Lineage Chandelier 1276-357Chandeliers
1277-357Minka Lavery Lineage Chandelier 1277-357Chandeliers
1278-357Minka Lavery Lineage Chandelier 1278-357Chandeliers
1279-357Minka Lavery Lineage Chandelier 1279-357Semi-Flushmounts
1314-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1314-455Chandeliers
1315-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1315-455Foyer & Hall Lighting
1316-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1316-455Chandeliers
1317-455Minka Lavery Artois Flushmount 1317-455Flushmounts
1318-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1318-455Chandeliers
1319-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1319-455Chandeliers
1320-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1320-455Chandeliers
1321-455Minka Lavery Artois Mini-Pendant 1321-455Mini-Pendants
1322-455Minka Lavery Artois Chandelier 1322-455Chandeliers
1323-455Minka Lavery Artois Wall Sconce 1323-455Wall Sconces
1324-455Minka Lavery Artois Semi-Flushmount 1324-455Semi-Flushmounts
1349-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Pendant 1349-177Pendant Lighting
1350-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Chain Break 1350-177Mirrors & Accessories
1351-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Mini-Pendant 1351-177Mini-Pendants
1352-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Island Light 1352-177Island Lights
1353-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Mini-Chandelier 1353-177Chandeliers
1354-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Pendant 1354-177Pendant Lighting
1355-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Chandelier 1355-177Chandeliers
1356-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Chandelier 1356-177Chandeliers
1357-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Pendant 1357-177Pendant Lighting
1358-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Chandelier 1358-177Chandeliers
1359-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Chandelier 1359-177Chandeliers
1360-196CMinka Lavery Treville Ceiling Medallion 1360-196CMedallions
1364-196CMinka Lavery Treville Mini Chandelier 1364-196CChandeliers
1366-196CMinka Lavery Treville Chandelier 1366-196CChandeliers
1367-196CMinka Lavery Treville Chandelier 1367-196CChandeliers
1368-196CMinka Lavery Treville Chandelier 1368-196CChandeliers
1369-196CMinka Lavery Treville Flushmount 1369-196CFlushmounts
1370-196CMinka Lavery Treville Foyer Pendant 1370-196CPendant Lighting
1371-196CMinka Lavery Treville Mini Pendant 1371-196CMini-Pendants
1372-196CMinka Lavery Treville Island Light 1372-196CIsland Lights
1373-196CMinka Lavery Treville Pendant 1373-196CPendant Lighting
1374-196CMinka Lavery Treville wallsconce 1374-196CWall Sconces
1375-196CMinka Lavery Treville Chain Break 1375-196CMirrors & Accessories
1376-196CMinka Lavery Treville Island Light 1376-196CIsland Lights
1378-196CMinka Lavery Treville Island Light 1378-196CIsland Lights
1379-196CMinka Lavery Treville Foyer Pendant 1379-196CPendant Lighting
1380-196CMinka Lavery Treville Ceiling Medallion 1380-196CMedallions
1381-196CMinka Lavery Treville Ceiling Medallion 1381-196CMedallions
1382-196CMinka Lavery Treville Semi-Flushmount 1382-196CSemi-Flushmounts
1420-84Minka Lavery Paradox Wall Sconce 1420-84Wall Sconces
1421-84Minka Lavery Paradox Mini-Pendant 1421-84Mini-Pendants
1422-84Minka Lavery Paradox Pendant 1422-84Pendant Lighting
1423-84Minka Lavery Paradox Mini-Chandelier 1423-84Chandeliers
1424-84Minka Lavery Paradox Semi-Flushmount 1424-84Semi-Flushmounts
1425-84Minka Lavery Paradox Chandelier 1425-84Chandeliers
1426-84Minka Lavery Paradox Pendant 1426-84Pendant Lighting
1428-84Minka Lavery Paradox Chandelier 1428-84Chandeliers
1429-84Minka Lavery Paradox Chandelier 1429-84Chandeliers
1430-84Minka Lavery Paradox Mirror 1430-84Mirrors & Accessories
1510-126Minka Lavery Saldia Pendant 1510-126Pendant Lighting
1511-126Minka Lavery Saldia Mini-Pendant 1511-126Mini-Pendants
1513-126Minka Lavery Saldia Island Light 1513-126Island Lights
1514-126Minka Lavery Saldia Pendant 1514-126Pendant Lighting
1515-126Minka Lavery Saldia Chandelier 1515-126Chandeliers
1516-126Minka Lavery Saldia Semi-Flushmount 1516-126Semi-Flushmounts
1517-126Minka Lavery Saldia Flushmount 1517-126Flushmounts
1518-126Minka Lavery Saldia Chandelier 1518-126Chandeliers
1519-126Minka Lavery Saldia Chandelier 1519-126Chandeliers
1550-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Medallion 1550-477Medallions
1551-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Pendant 1551-477Pendant Lighting
1553-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Wall Sconce 1553-477Wall Sconces
1554-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Mini-Chandelier 1554-477Chandeliers
1555-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1555-477Chandeliers
1556-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1556-477Chandeliers
1557-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Pendant 1557-477Pendant Lighting
1558-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Pendant 1558-477Pendant Lighting
1559-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1559-477Chandeliers
1560-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1560-477Chandeliers
1561-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Mini-Pendant 1561-477Mini-Pendants
1562-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Wall Sconce 1562-477Wall Sconces
1563-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chain Break 1563-477Mirrors & Accessories
1564-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1564-477Foyer & Hall Lighting
1565-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Flushmount 1565-477Flushmounts
1566-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Flushmount 1566-477Flushmounts
1567-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Semi-Flushmount 1567-477Semi-Flushmounts
1568-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Semi-Flushmount 1568-477Semi-Flushmounts
1569-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Flushmount 1569-477Flushmounts
1570-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Wall Sconce 1570-477Wall Sconces
1571-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Wall Sconce 1571-477Wall Sconces
1572-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Pin-Up Sconce 1572-477Wall Sconces
1575-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1575-477Chandeliers
1577-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Medallion 1577-477Medallions
1578-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Pendant 1578-477Pendant Lighting
1579-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Chandelier 1579-477Chandeliers
1600-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Wall Sconce 1600-487Wall Sconces
1601-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Mini Pendant 1601-487Mini-Pendants
1602-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Wall Sconce 1602-487Wall Sconces
1603-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Chandelier 1603-487Chandeliers
1604-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Pendant 1604-487Pendant Lighting
1605-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Chandelier 1605-487Chandeliers
1606-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Chandelier 1606-487Chandeliers
1607-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Semi-Flush 1607-487Semi-Flushmounts
1608-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Chandelier 1608-487Chandeliers
1609-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Chandelier 1609-487Chandeliers
1630-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Semi-Flushmount 1630-466Semi-Flushmounts
1631-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Mini-Pendant 1631-466Mini-Pendants
1632-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Pendant 1632-466Pendant Lighting
1633-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Mini-Chandelier 1633-466Chandeliers
1634-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Hall Foyer 1634-466Pendant Lighting
1635-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Chandelier 1635-466Chandeliers
1636-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Island Light 1636-466Island Lights
1637-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Hall Foyer 1637-466Pendant Lighting
1638-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Chandelier 1638-466Chandeliers
1639-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello Flushmount 1639-466Flushmounts
164-156Minka Lavery Marche Ceiling Medallion 164-156Medallions
1640-156Minka Lavery Marche Wall Sconce 1640-156Wall Sconces
1641-156Minka Lavery Marche Mini-Pendant 1641-156Mini-Pendants
1642-156Minka Lavery Marche Pendant 1642-156Pendant Lighting
1643-156Minka Lavery Marche Mini-Chandelier 1643-156Chandeliers
1644-156Minka Lavery Marche Island Light 1644-156Island Lights
1645-156Minka Lavery Marche Chandelier 1645-156Chandeliers
1646-156Minka Lavery Marche Flushmount 1646-156Flushmounts
1647-156Minka Lavery Marche Chandelier 1647-156Chandeliers
1648-156Minka Lavery Marche Chandelier 1648-156Chandeliers
1649-156Minka Lavery Marche Semi-Flushmount 1649-156Semi-Flushmounts
1650-479Minka Lavery Valenza Wall Sconce 1650-479Wall Sconces
1651-479Minka Lavery Valenza Mini-Pendant 1651-479Mini-Pendants
1652-479Minka Lavery Valenza Semi-Flushmount 1652-479Semi-Flushmounts
1653-479Minka Lavery Valenza Mini-Chandelier 1653-479Chandeliers
1654-479Minka Lavery Valenza Hall Foyer 1654-479Foyer & Hall Lighting
1655-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1655-479Chandeliers
1656-479Minka Lavery Valenza Ceiling Medallion 1656-479Medallions
1657-479Minka Lavery Valenza Pendant 1657-479Pendant Lighting
1658-479Minka Lavery Valenza Hall Foyer 1658-479Chandeliers
1659-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1659-479Chandeliers
1660-479Minka Lavery Valenza Island Light 1660-479Island Lights
1662-479Minka Lavery Valenza Flushmount 1662-479Flushmounts
1663-479Minka Lavery Valenza Wall Sconce 1663-479Wall Sconces
1664-479Minka Lavery Valenza Hall Foyer 1664-479Foyer & Hall Lighting
1665-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1665-479Chandeliers
1667-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1667-479Chandeliers
1668-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1668-479Chandeliers
1669-479Minka Lavery Valenza Chandelier 1669-479Chandeliers
1680-14Minka Lavery Calavera Wall Sconce 1680-14Wall Sconces
1681-14Minka Lavery Calavera Mini-Pendant 1681-14Mini-Pendants
1683-14Minka Lavery Calavera Mini-Chandelier 1683-14Chandeliers
1687-14Minka Lavery Calavera Semi-Flushmount 1687-14Semi-Flushmounts
1689-14Minka Lavery Calavera Chandelier 1689-14Chandeliers
1730-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Flushmount 1730-167Flushmounts
1731-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Mini-Pendant 1731-167Mini-Pendants
1733-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Chandelier 1733-167Chandeliers
1734-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Island Light 1734-167Island Lights
1735-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Chandelier 1735-167Chandeliers
1739-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series Chandelier 1739-167Chandeliers
174-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 174-206Chandeliers
1740-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Oval Medallion 1740-206Medallions
1741-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Mini-Pendant 1741-206Mini-Pendants
1742-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Island Light 1742-206Island Lights
1743-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Mini-Chandelier 1743-206Chandeliers
1744-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Ball pendant 1744-206Pendant Lighting
1745-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1745-206Chandeliers
1746-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1746-206Chandeliers
1747-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Pendant 1747-206Pendant Lighting
1748-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1748-206Chandeliers
1749-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1749-206Chandeliers
1750-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Medallion 1750-206Medallions
1752-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Pendant 1752-206Pendant Lighting
1753-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Ball pendant 1753-206Pendant Lighting
1754-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Flushmount 1754-206Flushmounts
1755-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Flushmount 1755-206Flushmounts
1756-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Flushmount 1756-206Flushmounts
1757-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Semi-Flushmount 1757-206Semi-Flushmounts
1758-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1758-206Chandeliers
1759-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Chandelier 1759-206Chandeliers
176-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Pendant 176-1-138Pendant Lighting
1760-211Minka Lavery Tofino Ceiling Medallion 1760-211Medallions
1761-211Minka Lavery Tofino Mini-Pendant 1761-211Mini-Pendants
1762-211Minka Lavery Tofino Island Light 1762-211Island Lights
1763-211Minka Lavery Tofino Chandelier 1763-211Chandeliers
1764-211Minka Lavery Tofino Semi-Flushmount 1764-211Semi-Flushmounts
1765-211Minka Lavery Tofino Chandelier 1765-211Chandeliers
1766-211Minka Lavery Tofino Pendant 1766-211Pendant Lighting
1768-211Minka Lavery Tofino Chandelier 1768-211Chandeliers
1769-211Minka Lavery Tofino Chandelier 1769-211Chandeliers
177-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Mini Pendant 177-301Mini-Pendants
1773-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Mini Chandelier 1773-301Chandeliers
1778-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Hall Foyer 1778-301Chandeliers
178-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Pendant 178-301Pendant Lighting
1780-216Minka Lavery Cabella Ceiling Medallion 1780-216Medallions
1781-216Minka Lavery Cabella Mini Pendant 1781-216Mini-Pendants
1782-216Minka Lavery Cabella Island Light 1782-216Island Lights
1783-216Minka Lavery Cabella Mini Chandelier 1783-216Chandeliers
1784-216Minka Lavery Cabella Pendant 1784-216Pendant Lighting
1786-216Minka Lavery Cabella Chandelier 1786-216Chandeliers
1787-216Minka Lavery Cabella Pendant 1787-216Pendant Lighting
1788-216Minka Lavery Cabella Chandelier 1788-216Chandeliers
1789-216Minka Lavery Cabella Chandelier 1789-216Chandeliers
179-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Mini-Pendant 179-301Mini-Pendants
1790-216Minka Lavery Cabella Ceiling Medallion 1790-216Medallions
1791-216Minka Lavery Cabella Wall Sconce 1791-216Wall Sconces
1793-216Minka Lavery Cabella Wall Sconce 1793-216Wall Sconces
1794-216Minka Lavery Cabella Flushmount 1794-216Flushmounts
1795-216Minka Lavery Cabella Semi-Flushmount 1795-216Semi-Flushmounts
1796-216Minka Lavery Cabella Chandelier 1796-216Chandeliers
1797-216Minka Lavery Cabella Pendant 1797-216Mirrors & Accessories
1798-216Minka Lavery Cabella Wall Sconce 1798-216Wall Sconces
1810-66Minka Lavery Agilis Wall Sconce 1810-66Wall Sconces
1810-84Minka Lavery Agilis Wall Sconce 1810-84Wall Sconces
1811-66Minka Lavery Agilis Mini-Pendant 1811-66Mini-Pendants
1811-84Minka Lavery Agilis Mini-Pendant 1811-84Mini-Pendants
1813-66Minka Lavery Agilis Mini-Chandelier 1813-66Chandeliers
1813-84Minka Lavery Agilis Mini-Chandelier 1813-84Chandeliers
1815-66Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1815-66Chandeliers
1815-84Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1815-84Chandeliers
1816-66Minka Lavery Agilis Semi-Flushmount 1816-66Semi-Flushmounts
1816-84Minka Lavery Agilis Semi-Flushmount 1816-84Semi-Flushmounts
1817-66Minka Lavery Agilis Pendant 1817-66Pendant Lighting
1817-84Minka Lavery Agilis Pendant 1817-84Pendant Lighting
1818-66Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1818-66Chandeliers
1818-84Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1818-84Chandeliers
1819-66Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1819-66Chandeliers
1819-84Minka Lavery Agilis Chandelier 1819-84Chandeliers
1840-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Wall Sconce 1840-226Wall Sconces
1841-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Hall Foyer 1841-226Pendant Lighting
1843-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Flushmount 1843-226Flushmounts
1844-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Chain Break 1844-226Mirrors & Accessories
1849-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Chandelier 1849-226Chandeliers
1850-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Wall Sconce 1850-226Wall Sconces
1851-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Pendant 1851-226Pendant Lighting
1854-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Island Light 1854-226Island Lights
1856-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Chandelier 1856-226Chandeliers
1857-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Wall Torchiere 1857-226Wall Sconces
1859-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Chandelier 1859-226Chandeliers
1860-66Minka Lavery Iconic Wall Sconce 1860-66Wall Sconces
1861-66Minka Lavery Iconic Mini-Pendant 1861-66Mini-Pendants
1862-66Minka Lavery Iconic Island Light 1862-66Island Lights
1863-66Minka Lavery Iconic Mini-Chandelier 1863-66Chandeliers
1864-66Minka Lavery Iconic Pendant 1864-66Pendant Lighting
1865-66Minka Lavery Iconic Chandelier 1865-66Chandeliers
1866-66Minka Lavery Iconic Semi-Flushmount 1866-66Semi-Flushmounts
1867-66Minka Lavery Iconic Chandelier 1867-66Chandeliers
1868-66Minka Lavery Iconic Chandelier 1868-66Chandeliers
1869-66Minka Lavery Iconic Chandelier 1869-66Chandeliers
1870-66Minka Lavery Iconic Wall Sconce 1870-66Wall Sconces
1871-66Minka Lavery Iconic Wall Sconce 1871-66Wall Sconces
1872-66Minka Lavery Iconic 2-Light Bath 1872-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
1873-66Minka Lavery Iconic Flushmount 1873-66Flushmounts
1875-66Minka Lavery Iconic Mirror 1875-66Mirrors & Accessories
1876-66Minka Lavery Iconic Pendant 1876-66Pendant Lighting
1877-66Minka Lavery Iconic Pendant 1877-66Pendant Lighting
1944-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Wall Sconce 1944-126Wall Sconces
1945-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Mirror 1945-126Mirrors & Accessories
1971-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Wall Sconce 1971-138Wall Sconces
1972-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Wall Sconce 1972-138Wall Sconces
1973-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Chandelier 1973-1-138Chandeliers
1974-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Wall Sconce 1974-1-138Wall Sconces
1975-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Wall Sconce 1975-1-138Wall Sconces
1977-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Hall Foyer 1977-1-138Pendant Lighting
1978-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Chandelier 1978-1-138Chandeliers
1979-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Chandelier 1979-1-138Chandeliers
3120-489Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3120-489Chandeliers
3121-333Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3121-333Chandeliers
3122-301Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3122-301Chandeliers
3123-489Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3123-489Chandeliers
3124-470Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3124-470Chandeliers
3125-361Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3125-361Chandeliers
3126-44Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3126-44Chandeliers
3127-126Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3127-126Chandeliers
3128-479Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3128-479Chandeliers
3129-479Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3129-479Chandeliers
3130-201Minka Lavery Mini-Chandelier 3130-201Chandeliers
3520-3Minka Lavery Disney 3-Light Bath 3520-3Bath & Vanity Lighting
3520-7Minka Lavery Disney Semi-Flushmount 3520-7Semi-Flushmounts
3521-3Minka Lavery Disney 3-Light Bath 3521-3Bath & Vanity Lighting
3521-7Minka Lavery Disney Semi-Flushmount 3521-7Semi-Flushmounts
441-91Minka Lavery Aegean Mini-Pendant 441-91Mini-Pendants
446-91Minka Lavery Aegean Chandelier 446-91Chandeliers
447-91Minka Lavery Aegean Pendant 447-91Pendant Lighting
448-91Minka Lavery Aegean Wall Sconce 448-91Wall Sconces
449-91Minka Lavery Aegean Wall Sconce 449-91Wall Sconces
460-63Minka Lavery Nouveau Wall Sconce 460-63Wall Sconces
466-63Minka Lavery Nouveau Flushmount 466-63Flushmounts
467-63Minka Lavery Nouveau Flushmount 467-63Flushmounts
5102-91Minka Lavery Aegean 2-Light Bath 5102-91Bath & Vanity Lighting
5103-91Minka Lavery Aegean 3-Light Bath 5103-91Bath & Vanity Lighting
5104-91Minka Lavery Aegean 4-Light Bath 5104-91Bath & Vanity Lighting
53-355Minka Lavery Caspian Pendant 53-355Pendant Lighting
5360-196CMinka Lavery Treville wallsconce 5360-196CWall Sconces
5361-196CMinka Lavery Treville 1-Light Bath 5361-196CBath & Vanity Lighting
5362-196CMinka Lavery Treville 2-Light Bath 5362-196CBath & Vanity Lighting
5363-196CMinka Lavery Treville 3-Light Bath 5363-196CBath & Vanity Lighting
5364-196CMinka Lavery Treville 4-Light Bath 5364-196CBath & Vanity Lighting
542-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Wall Sconce 542-08Wall Sconces
5420-84Minka Lavery Paradox Wall Sconce 5420-84Wall Sconces
5421-84Minka Lavery Paradox 1-Light Bath 5421-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5422-84Minka Lavery Paradox 2-Light Bath 5422-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5423-84Minka Lavery Paradox 3-Light Bath 5423-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5424-84Minka Lavery Paradox 4-Light Bath 5424-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5425-84Minka Lavery Paradox 5-Light Bath 5425-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5429-84Minka Lavery Paradox Bath Bar & Sconce 5429-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
5461-63Minka Lavery Nouveau Wall Sconce 5461-63Bath & Vanity Lighting
5462-63Minka Lavery Nouveau 2-Light Bath 5462-63Bath & Vanity Lighting
5463-63Minka Lavery Nouveau 3-Light Bath 5463-63Bath & Vanity Lighting
5464-63Minka Lavery Nouveau 4-Light Bath 5464-63Bath & Vanity Lighting
5468-63Minka Lavery Nouveau Recessed Trim 5468-63All Minka Lavery Lighting
5510-126Minka Lavery Saldia Wall Sconce 5510-126Wall Sconces
5511-126Minka Lavery Saldia 1-Light Bath 5511-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5512-126Minka Lavery Saldia 2-Light Bath 5512-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5513-126Minka Lavery Saldia 3-Light Bath 5513-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5514-126Minka Lavery Saldia 4-Light Bath 5514-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5517-126Minka Lavery Saldia Wall Sconce 5517-126Wall Sconces
5551-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand 1-Light Bath 5551-477Bath & Vanity Lighting
5552-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand 2-Light Bath 5552-477Bath & Vanity Lighting
5553-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand 3-Light Bath 5553-477Bath & Vanity Lighting
5558-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Recessed Trim 5558-477All Minka Lavery Lighting
5601-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista Wall Sconce 5601-487Bath & Vanity Lighting
5602-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista 2-Light Bath 5602-487Bath & Vanity Lighting
5603-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista 3-Light Bath 5603-487Bath & Vanity Lighting
5604-487Minka Lavery Spanish Vista 4-Light Bath 5604-487Bath & Vanity Lighting
5638-196CMinka Lavery Treville Recessed Trim 5638-196CAll Minka Lavery Lighting
5810-355Minka Lavery Camden Wall Sconce 5810-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
5812-355Minka Lavery Camden 2-Light Bath 5812-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
5813-355Minka Lavery Camden 3-Light Bath 5813-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
5814-355Minka Lavery Camden 4-Light Bath 5814-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
5910-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Wall Sconce 5910-08Wall Sconces
5911-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn 1-Light Bath 5911-08Bath & Vanity Lighting
5912-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn 2-Light Bath 5912-08Bath & Vanity Lighting
5913-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn 3-Light Bath 5913-08Bath & Vanity Lighting
5914-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn 4-Light Bath 5914-08Bath & Vanity Lighting
5941-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Wall Sconce 5941-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5942-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 2 Light Bath 5942-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5943-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 3 Light Bath 5943-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5948-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Recessed Trim 5948-126All Minka Lavery Lighting
5950-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Wall Sconce 5950-126Wall Sconces
5951-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 1 light bath 5951-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5952-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 2 light bath 5952-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5953-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 3 light bath 5953-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5954-126Minka Lavery Belcaro 4 light bath 5954-126Bath & Vanity Lighting
5971-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II 1 light Vanity 5971-1-138Bath & Vanity Lighting
5972-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II 2 Light Vanity 5972-1-138Bath & Vanity Lighting
5973-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II 3 Light Vanity 5973-1-138Bath & Vanity Lighting
5974-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II 4 light Vanity 5974-1-138Bath & Vanity Lighting
6170-56Minka Lavery Dakota 1-Light Bath 6170-56Bath & Vanity Lighting
6171-56Minka Lavery Dakota 1-Light Bath 6171-56Bath & Vanity Lighting
6172-56Minka Lavery Dakota 2-Light Bath 6172-56Bath & Vanity Lighting
6173-56Minka Lavery Dakota 3-Light Bath 6173-56Bath & Vanity Lighting
6174-56Minka Lavery Dakota 4-Light Bath 6174-56Bath & Vanity Lighting
6181-357Minka Lavery Raiden 1-Light Bath 6181-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6182-357Minka Lavery Raiden 2-Light Bath 6182-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6183-357Minka Lavery Raiden 3-Light Bath 6183-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6184-357Minka Lavery Raiden 4-Light Bath 6184-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6188-357Minka Lavery Raiden Recessed Trim 6188-357All Minka Lavery Lighting
6270-357Minka Lavery Lineage 1-Light Bath 6270-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6271-357Minka Lavery Lineage Wall Sconce 6271-357Wall Sconces
6272-357Minka Lavery Lineage 2-Light Bath 6272-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6273-357Minka Lavery Lineage 3-Light Bath 6273-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6274-357Minka Lavery Lineage 4-Light Bath 6274-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6275-357Minka Lavery Lineage 5-Light Bath 6275-357Bath & Vanity Lighting
6277-357Minka Lavery Lineage Flushmount 6277-357Flushmounts
6279-357Minka Lavery Lineage Recessed Trim 6279-357All Minka Lavery Lighting
6321-455Minka Lavery Artois 1-Light Bath 6321-455Bath & Vanity Lighting
6322-455Minka Lavery Artois 2-Light Bath 6322-455Bath & Vanity Lighting
6323-455Minka Lavery Artois 3-Light Bath 6323-455Bath & Vanity Lighting
6324-455Minka Lavery Artois 4-Light Bath 6324-455Bath & Vanity Lighting
6350-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Wall Sconce 6350-177Bath & Vanity Lighting
6352-177Minka Lavery Illuminati 2-Light Bath 6352-177Bath & Vanity Lighting
6353-177Minka Lavery Illuminati 3-Light Bath 6353-177Bath & Vanity Lighting
6354-177Minka Lavery Illuminati 4-Light Bath 6354-177Bath & Vanity Lighting
6357-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Semi-Flushmount 6357-177Semi-Flushmounts
6359-177Minka Lavery Illuminati Flushmount 6359-177Flushmounts
6631-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello 1-Light Bath 6631-466Bath & Vanity Lighting
6632-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello 2-Light Bath 6632-466Bath & Vanity Lighting
6633-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello 3-Light Bath 6633-466Bath & Vanity Lighting
6634-466Minka Lavery Sole Bello 4-Light Bath 6634-466Bath & Vanity Lighting
6641-156Minka Lavery Marche Wall Sconce 6641-156Bath & Vanity Lighting
6642-156Minka Lavery Marche 2-Light Bath 6642-156Bath & Vanity Lighting
6643-156Minka Lavery Marche 3-Light Bath 6643-156Bath & Vanity Lighting
6644-156Minka Lavery Marche 4-Light Bath 6644-156Bath & Vanity Lighting
6650-479Minka Lavery Valenza Wall Sconce 6650-479Wall Sconces
6651-479Minka Lavery Valenza Wall Sconce 6651-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6652-479Minka Lavery Valenza 2-Light Bath 6652-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6653-479Minka Lavery Valenza 3-Light Bath 6653-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6662-479Minka Lavery Valenza 2-Light Bath 6662-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6663-479Minka Lavery Valenza 3-Light Bath 6663-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6664-479Minka Lavery Valenza 4-Light Bath 6664-479Bath & Vanity Lighting
6721-355Minka Lavery Caspian Wall Sconce 6721-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
6722-355Minka Lavery Caspian 2-Light Bath 6722-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
6723-355Minka Lavery Caspian 3-Light Bath 6723-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
6724-355Minka Lavery Caspian 4-Light Bath 6724-355Bath & Vanity Lighting
6728-355Minka Lavery Camden Recessed Trim 6728-355All Minka Lavery Lighting
6731-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series 1-Light Bath 6731-167Bath & Vanity Lighting
6732-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series 2-Light Bath 6732-167Bath & Vanity Lighting
6733-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series 3-Light Bath 6733-167Bath & Vanity Lighting
6734-167Minka Lavery 1730 Series 4-Light Bath 6734-167Bath & Vanity Lighting
6740-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Wall Sconce 6740-206Wall Sconces
6741-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Wall Sconce 6741-206Bath & Vanity Lighting
6742-206Minka Lavery Aston Court 2-Light Bath 6742-206Bath & Vanity Lighting
6743-206Minka Lavery Aston Court 3-Light Bath 6743-206Bath & Vanity Lighting
6744-206Minka Lavery Aston Court 4-Light Bath 6744-206Bath & Vanity Lighting
6750-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Wall Sconce 6750-206Wall Sconces
6751-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Wall Sconce 6751-206Wall Sconces
6753-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Wall Sconce 6753-206Wall Sconces
6757-206Minka Lavery Aston Court Semi-Flushmount 6757-206Semi-Flushmounts
6761-211Minka Lavery Tofino 1-Light Bath 6761-211Bath & Vanity Lighting
6762-211Minka Lavery Tofino 2-Light Bath 6762-211Bath & Vanity Lighting
6763-211Minka Lavery Tofino 3-Light Bath 6763-211Bath & Vanity Lighting
6764-211Minka Lavery Tofino 4-Light Bath 6764-211Bath & Vanity Lighting
6765-211Minka Lavery Tofino Wall Sconce 6765-211Wall Sconces
6767-211Minka Lavery Tofino Wall Sconce 6767-211Wall Sconces
6770-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Wall Sconce 6770-301Wall Sconces
6771-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Wall Sconce 6771-301Bath & Vanity Lighting
6772-301Minka Lavery Bellasera 2-Light Bath 6772-301Bath & Vanity Lighting
6773-301Minka Lavery Bellasera 3-Light Bath 6773-301Bath & Vanity Lighting
6774-301Minka Lavery Bellasera 4-Light Bath 6774-301Bath & Vanity Lighting
6780-216Minka Lavery Cabella Wall Sconce 6780-216Bath & Vanity Lighting
6792-216Minka Lavery Cabella Vanity Light 6792-216Bath & Vanity Lighting
6793-216Minka Lavery Cabella Vanity Light 6793-216Bath & Vanity Lighting
6794-216Minka Lavery Cabella Vanity Light 6794-216Bath & Vanity Lighting
680-14Minka Lavery Calavera Wall Sconce 680-14Wall Sconces
681-14Minka Lavery Calavera Wall Sconce 681-14Wall Sconces
6810-66Minka Lavery Agilis Wall Sconce 6810-66Wall Sconces
6810-84Minka Lavery Agilis Wall Sconce 6810-84Wall Sconces
6811-66Minka Lavery Agilis 1-Light Bath 6811-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6811-84Minka Lavery Agilis 1-Light Bath 6811-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
6812-66Minka Lavery Agilis 2-Light Bath 6812-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6812-84Minka Lavery Agilis 2-Light Bath 6812-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
6813-66Minka Lavery Agilis 3-Light Bath 6813-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6813-84Minka Lavery Agilis 3-Light Bath 6813-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
6814-66Minka Lavery Agilis 4-Light Bath 6814-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6814-84Minka Lavery Agilis 4-Light Bath 6814-84Bath & Vanity Lighting
682-14Minka Lavery Calavera Pendant 682-14Pendant Lighting
6820-14Minka Lavery Calavera Wall Sconce 6820-14Wall Sconces
6821-14Minka Lavery Calavera 1-Light Bath 6821-14Bath & Vanity Lighting
6822-14Minka Lavery Calavera 2-Light Bath 6822-14Bath & Vanity Lighting
6823-14Minka Lavery Calavera 3 light Bath 6823-14Bath & Vanity Lighting
6824-14Minka Lavery Calavera 4-Light Bath 6824-14Bath & Vanity Lighting
683-14Minka Lavery Calavera Pendant 683-14Pendant Lighting
684-14Minka Lavery Calavera Pendant 684-14Pendant Lighting
685-14Minka Lavery Calavera Chandelier 685-14Chandeliers
6850-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions Wall Sconce 6850-226Wall Sconces
6851-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions 1-Light Bath 6851-226Bath & Vanity Lighting
6852-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions 2-Light Bath 6852-226Bath & Vanity Lighting
6853-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions 3-Light Bath 6853-226Bath & Vanity Lighting
6854-226Minka Lavery Acquisitions 4-Light Bath 6854-226Bath & Vanity Lighting
686-14Minka Lavery Calavera Semi-Flushmount 686-14Semi-Flushmounts
6861-66Minka Lavery Iconic 1-Light Bath 6861-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6862-66Minka Lavery Iconic 2-Light Bath 6862-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6863-66Minka Lavery Iconic 3-Light Bath 6863-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
6864-66Minka Lavery Iconic 4-Light Bath 6864-66Bath & Vanity Lighting
687-14Minka Lavery Calavera Semi-Flushmount 687-14Semi-Flushmounts
6871-66Minka Lavery Iconic Wall Sconce 6871-66Wall Sconces
6872-66Minka Lavery Iconic Wall Sconce 6872-66Wall Sconces
688-14Minka Lavery Calavera Chandelier 688-14Chandeliers
689-14Minka Lavery Calavera Chandelier 689-14Chandeliers
720-355Minka Lavery Caspian Wall Sconce 720-355Wall Sconces
721-355Minka Lavery Caspian Semi-Flushmount 721-355Semi-Flushmounts
722-355Minka Lavery Caspian Mini-Pendant 722-355Mini-Pendants
723-355Minka Lavery Caspian Mini-Chandelier 723-355Chandeliers
724-355Minka Lavery Caspian Pendant 724-355Pendant Lighting
725-355Minka Lavery Caspian Chandelier 725-355Chandeliers
726-355Minka Lavery Caspian Chandelier 726-355Chandeliers
727-355Minka Lavery Caspian Flushmount 727-355Flushmounts
728-355Minka Lavery Caspian Chandelier 728-355Chandeliers
729-355Minka Lavery Caspian Chandelier 729-355Chandeliers
730-355Minka Lavery Caspian Hall Foyer 730-355Chandeliers
731-355Minka Lavery Caspian Wall Sconce 731-355Wall Sconces
732-355Minka Lavery Caspian Island Light 732-355Island Lights
734-355Minka Lavery Caspian Wall Sconce 734-355Wall Sconces
770-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Semi-Flushmount 770-301Semi-Flushmounts
771-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 771-301Foyer & Hall Lighting
772-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Wall Sconce 772-301Wall Sconces
773-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 773-301Chandeliers
774-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 774-301Chandeliers
775-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 775-301Chandeliers
776-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 776-301Chandeliers
777-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 777-301Chandeliers
778-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 778-301Chandeliers
779-301Minka Lavery Bellasera Chandelier 779-301Foyer & Hall Lighting
810-355Minka Lavery Camden Wall Sconce 810-355Wall Sconces
811-355Minka Lavery Camden Mini Pendant 811-355Mini-Pendants
812-355Minka Lavery Camden Semi-Flushmount 812-355Semi-Flushmounts
813-355Minka Lavery Camden Mini Chandelier 813-355Chandeliers
814-355Minka Lavery Camden Pendant 814-355Pendant Lighting
815-355Minka Lavery Camden Pendant 815-355Pendant Lighting
816-355Minka Lavery Camden Chandelier 816-355Chandeliers
817-355Minka Lavery Camden Ceiling Medallion 817-355Medallions
818-355Minka Lavery Camden Chandelier 818-355Chandeliers
819-355Minka Lavery Camden Chandelier 819-355Chandeliers
83-14Minka Lavery Calavera Pendant 83-14Pendant Lighting
839-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Wall Sconce 839-91Wall Sconces
841-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Wall Sconce 841-91Wall Sconces
842-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Wall Sconce 842-91Wall Sconces
891-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Flushmount 891-91Flushmounts
892-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Flushmount 892-91Flushmounts
893-84Minka Lavery Paradox Flushmount 893-84Flushmounts
893-91Minka Lavery Pacifica Flushmount 893-91Flushmounts
900-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Wall Sconce 900-08Wall Sconces
902-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Island Light 902-08Island Lights
903-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Mini-Chandelier 903-08Chandeliers
905-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 905-08Chandeliers
906-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 906-08Chandeliers
908-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 908-08Chandeliers
909-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Semi-Flushmount 909-08Semi-Flushmounts
910-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Pendant 910-08Pendant Lighting
911-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Mini-Pendant 911-08Mini-Pendants
912-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Pendant 912-08Pendant Lighting
913-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Wall Sconce 913-08Wall Sconces
914-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 914-08Pendant Lighting
918-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 918-08Chandeliers
919-08Minka Lavery Mission Inn Chandelier 919-08Chandeliers
930-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Ceiling Medallion 930-126Medallions
931-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Wall Sconce 931-126Wall Sconces
934-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Hall Foyer 934-126Foyer & Hall Lighting
937-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Flushmount 937-126Pendant Lighting
939-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 939-126Chandeliers
941-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Pin-Up Wall Sconce 941-126Wall Sconces
942-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Ball pendant 942-126Chandeliers
943-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Mini-Chandelier 943-126Chandeliers
944-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chain Break 944-126Mirrors & Accessories
945-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 945-126Chandeliers
946-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 946-126Chandeliers
947-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 947-126Chandeliers
948-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 948-126Chandeliers
949-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Semi-Flushmount 949-126Semi-Flushmounts
950-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Mini-Pendant 950-126Pendant Lighting
951-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Pendant 951-126Pendant Lighting
952-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Island Light 952-126Island Lights
953-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Pendant 953-126Pendant Lighting
955-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 955-126Chandeliers
956-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Island Light 956-126Island Lights
957-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Chandelier 957-126Chandeliers
958-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Flushmount 958-126Flushmounts
959-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Flushmount 959-126Flushmounts
960-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Flushmount 960-126Flushmounts
970-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Wall Sconce 970-1-138Wall Sconces
972-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Semi-Flushmount 972-1-138Semi-Flushmounts
973-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Pendant 973-1-138Pendant Lighting
974-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Pendant 974-1-138Pendant Lighting
975-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Chandelier 975-1-138Chandeliers
976-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Flushmount 976-1-138Flushmounts
977-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Mini-Pendant 977-1-138Mini-Pendants
978-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Chandelier 978-1-138Foyer & Hall Lighting
979-1-138Minka Lavery Aspen II Mini Hall Foyer 979-1-138Pendant Lighting
T10350-357Minka Lavery Lineage Console Lamp T10350-357Table Lamps
T10352-357Minka Lavery Lineage Table Lamp T10352-357Table Lamps
T10670-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Lamp T10670-126Table Lamps
T10671-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Lamp T10671-126Table Lamps
T20670-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Lamp T20670-126All Minka Lavery Lighting
T44502-477Minka Lavery Salon Grand Jewel Armoire T44502-477Mirrors & Accessories
T44671-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Candle Holders T44671-126Mirrors & Accessories
T47000-126Minka Lavery Belcaro Box T47000-126Mirrors & Accessories
T56350-357Minka Lavery Lineage Mirror T56350-357Mirrors & Accessories