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We are one of the premiere manufacturers of Crystal Chandeliers in the world.
Our founder's European heritage and the Company's 46 year North American history continues to inspire our design creativity and quality craftsmanship. Our longterm dedication to bring to the world market Crystal Chandeliers, which above all represent unsurpassed quality and value in all price and styling ranges, continues to be our objective.

Product / Model Description Category
10326James Moder Budget 10326 Crystal Chandelier 10326VB44 10326VB33 10326VB22James R. Moder
10328James Moder Budget 10328 Crystal Chandelier 10328VB44 10328VB33 10328VB22James R. Moder
10330James Moder Budget 10330 Crystal Chandelier 10330VB44 10330VB33 10330VB22James R. Moder
10332James Moder Budget 10332 Crystal Wall Sconce 10332VB44 10332VB33 10332VB22James R. Moder
10366James Moder Budget 10366 Crystal Chandelier 10366S44 10366S22 10366S11James R. Moder
10368James Moder Budget 10368 Crystal Chandelier 10368S44 10368S22 10368S11James R. Moder
10391James Moder Budget 10391 Crystal Semi-Flush 10391S44 10391S33 10391S22James R. Moder
10392James Moder Budget 10392 Crystal Semi-Flush 10392S44 10392S33 10392S22James R. Moder
10393James Moder Budget 10393 Crystal Semi-Flush 10393S44 10393S33 10393S22James R. Moder
10394James Moder Budget 10394 Crystal Semi-Flush 10394S44 10394S33 10394S22James R. Moder
10395James Moder Budget 10395 Crystal Semi-Flush 10395S44 10395S33 10395S22James R. Moder
10396James Moder Budget 10396 Crystal Semi-Flush 10396S44 10396S33 10396S22James R. Moder
10405James Moder Budget 10405 Crystal Chandelier 10405S44 10405S22 10405S11James R. Moder
10406James Moder Budget 10406 Crystal Chandelier 10406VB44 10406VB22 10406VB11James R. Moder
73062James Moder Galaxy 73062 Crystal Flushmount 73062S22 73062S11 73062S0ZJames R. Moder
91030James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91030 Crystal Chandelier 91030S44 91030S33 91030S22James R. Moder
91332SJames Moder Millennium 91332S Crystal Chandelier 91332S44 91332S22 91332S00James R. Moder
91333SJames Moder Millennium 91333S Crystal Chandelier 91333S44 91333S22 91333S00James R. Moder
91337SJames Moder Millennium 91337S Crystal Chandelier 91337S44 91337S22 91337S00James R. Moder
91338SJames Moder Millennium 91338S Crystal Chandelier 91338S44 91338S22 91338S00James R. Moder
91339SJames Moder Millennium 91339S Crystal Chandelier 91339S44 91339S22 91339S00James R. Moder
91375GJames Moder Entry Chandelier 91375G Crystal Chandelier 91375G22 91375G11 91375G00James R. Moder
91591James Moder Galaxy 91591 Crystal Flushmount 91591S22 91591S11 91591S0ZJames R. Moder
91593James Moder Galaxy 91593 Crystal Flushmount 91593S22 91593S11 91593S0ZJames R. Moder
91688James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91688 Crystal Chandelier 91688S44 91688S33 91688S22James R. Moder
91690James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91690 Crystal Chandelier 91690S44 91690S33 91690S22James R. Moder
91695James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91695 Crystal Chandelier 91695S44 91695S33 91695S22James R. Moder
91702James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91702 Crystal Wall Sconce 91702S44 91702S33 91702S22James R. Moder
91703James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91703 Crystal Wall Sconce 91703S44 91703S33 91703S22James R. Moder
91705James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91705 Crystal Wall Sconce 91705S44 91705S33 91705S22James R. Moder
91760James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91760 Crystal Chandelier 91760S44 91760S33 91760S22James R. Moder
91770James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91770 Crystal Chandelier 91770S44 91770S33 91770S22James R. Moder
91790James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91790 Crystal Chandelier 91790S44 91790S33 91790S22James R. Moder
91795James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91795 Crystal Chandelier 91795S44 91795S33 91795S22James R. Moder
91796James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91796 Crystal Chandelier 91796S44 91796S33 91796S22James R. Moder
91800James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91800 Crystal Chandelier 91800S44 91800S33 91800S22James R. Moder
91805James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91805 Crystal Chandelier 91805S44 91805S33 91805S22James R. Moder
91806James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91806 Crystal Chandelier 91806S44 91806S33 91806S22James R. Moder
91807James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91807 Crystal Wall Sconce 91807S44 91807S33 91807S22James R. Moder
91811James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91811 Crystal Wall Sconce 91811S44 91811S33 91811S22James R. Moder
91812James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91812 Crystal Chandelier 91812S44 91812S33 91812S22James R. Moder
91830James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 91830 Crystal Chandelier 91830S44 91830S33 91830S22James R. Moder
91922James Moder Baroness 91922 Crystal Wall Sconce 91922S24 91922S22 91922S11James R. Moder
91958James Moder Baroness 91958 Crystal Chandelier 91958S44 91958S22 91958S11James R. Moder
91960James Moder Baroness 91960 Crystal Chandelier 91960S44 91960S22 91960S11James R. Moder
92000GJames Moder Savannah 92000G Crystal Chandelier 92000G44 92000G22 92000G11 92000G00James R. Moder
92010GJames Moder Savannah 92010G Crystal Chandelier 92010G44 92010G22 92010G11 92010G00James R. Moder
92020GJames Moder Savannah 92020G Crystal Chandelier 92020G44 92020G22 92020G11 92020G00James R. Moder
92030GJames Moder Savannah 92030G Crystal Chandelier 92030G44 92030G22 92030G11 92030G00James R. Moder
92031James Moder Empire 92031 Crystal Wall Sconce 92031S44 92031S33 92031S22James R. Moder
92034James Moder Budget Vanity 92034 Crystal Wall Sconce 92034S33 92034S22 92034S11James R. Moder
92036James Moder Empire 92036 Crystal Bathroom Bar 92036S33 92036S22 92036S11James R. Moder
92037James Moder Empire 92037 Crystal Bathroom Bar 92037S33 92037S22 92037S11James R. Moder
92038James Moder Budget Vanity 92038 Crystal Bathroom Bar 92038S33 92038S22 92038S11James R. Moder
92042James Moder Budget 92042 Crystal Chandelier 92042S44 92042S33 92042S22James R. Moder
92043James Moder Budget 92043 Crystal Chandelier 92043S44 92043S33 92043S22James R. Moder
92044James Moder Empire 92044 Crystal Chandelier 92044S44 92044S33 92044S22James R. Moder
92046GJames Moder Empire 92046G Crystal Chandelier 92046G44 92046G33 92046G22James R. Moder
92047GLJames Moder Empire 92047GL Crystal Chandelier 92047GL44 92047GL33 92047GL22James R. Moder
92048GLJames Moder Empire 92048GL Crystal Chandelier 92048GL44 92048GL33 92048GL22James R. Moder
92049GLJames Moder Empire 92049GL Crystal Chandelier 92049GL44 92049GL33 92049GL22James R. Moder
92050GLJames Moder Empire 92050GL Crystal Chandelier 92050GL44 92050GL33 92050GL22James R. Moder
92051James Moder Budget 92051 Crystal Flushmount 92051VB44 92051VB33 92051VB22James R. Moder
92052James Moder Budget 92052 Crystal Flushmount 92052VB44 92052VB33 92052VB22James R. Moder
92053James Moder Empire 92053 Crystal Flushmount 92053S44 92053S33 92053S22James R. Moder
92054James Moder Empire 92054 Crystal Flushmount 92054S44 92054S33 92054S22James R. Moder
92055James Moder Empire 92055 Crystal Flushmount 92055S44 92055S33 92055S22James R. Moder
92056James Moder Empire 92056 Crystal Flushmount 92056S44 92056S33 92056S22James R. Moder
92057GLJames Moder Empire 92057GL Crystal Flushmount 92057GL44 92057GL33 92057GL22 92057GL11 92057GL00James R. Moder
92058GLJames Moder Empire 92058GL Crystal Flushmount 92058GL44 92058GL33 92058GL22 92058GL11 92058GL00James R. Moder
92059GLJames Moder Empire 92059GL Crystal Flushmount 92059GL44 92059GL33 92059GL22 92059GL11 92059GL00James R. Moder
92060GLJames Moder Empire 92060GL Crystal Flushmount 92060GL44 92060GL33 92060GL22 92060GL11 92060GL00James R. Moder
92061GJames Moder Empire 92061G Crystal Chandelier 92061G44 92061G33 92061G22James R. Moder
92062GJames Moder Empire 92062G Crystal Chandelier 92062G44 92062G33 92062G22James R. Moder
92063GJames Moder Empire 92063G Crystal Chandelier 92063G44 92063G33 92063G22James R. Moder
92064GJames Moder Empire 92064G Crystal Chandelier 92064G44 92064G33 92064G22James R. Moder
92065GLJames Moder Empire 92065GL Crystal Chandelier 92065GL44 92065GL33 92065GL22James R. Moder
92066GLJames Moder Empire 92066GL Crystal Chandelier 92066GL44 92066GL33 92066GL22James R. Moder
92120GJames Moder Caroline 92120G Crystal Chandelier 92120G44 92120G22 92120G11 92120G00James R. Moder
92158James Moder Prestige 92158 Crystal Chandelier 92158S44 92158S22 92158S11James R. Moder
92168SJames Moder Prestige 92168S Crystal Chandelier 92168S44 92168S22 92168S11 92168S00James R. Moder
92169SJames Moder Prestige 92169S Crystal Chandelier 92169S44 92169S22 92169S11 92169S00James R. Moder
92230James Moder Swirl Spiral 92230 Crystal Semi-Flush 92230S22 92230S11 92230S00 92230G22 92230G11 92230G00James R. Moder
92236James Moder Swirl Spiral 92236 Crystal Chandelier 92236S22 92236S11 92236S00 92236G22 92236G11 92236G00James R. Moder
92236XJames Moder Swirl Spiral 92236X Crystal Chandelier 92236SX22 92236SX11 92236SX00James R. Moder
92237James Moder Swirl Spiral 92237 Crystal Chandelier 92237S22 92237S11 92237S00 92237G22 92237G11 92237G00James R. Moder
92238James Moder Swirl Spiral 92238 Crystal Chandelier 92238S22 92238S11 92238S00 92238G22 92238G11 92238G00James R. Moder
92239James Moder Swirl Spiral 92239 Crystal Chandelier 92239S22 92239S11 92239S00 92239G22 92239G11 92239G00James R. Moder
92241James Moder Swirl Spiral 92241 Crystal Chandelier 92241S22 92241S11 92241S00 92241G22 92241G11 92241G00James R. Moder
92308SJames Moder Prestige 92308S Crystal Flushmount 92308S44 92308S22 92308S11 92308S00James R. Moder
92310SJames Moder Prestige 92310S Crystal Flushmount 92310S44 92310S22 92310S11 92310S00James R. Moder
92312SJames Moder 92312S Crystal Wall Sconce 92312S44 92312S22 92312S11 92312S00James R. Moder
92314SJames Moder Prestige 92314S Crystal Flushmount 92314S44 92314S22 92314S11 92314S00James R. Moder
92318SJames Moder Prestige 92318S Crystal Flushmount 92318S44 92318S22 92318S11 92318S00James R. Moder
92324SJames Moder Prestige 92324S Crystal Flushmount 92324S44 92324S22 92324S11 92324S00James R. Moder
92336SJames Moder Prestige 92336S Crystal Flushmount 92336S44 92336S22 92336S11 92336S00James R. Moder
92348SJames Moder Prestige 92348S Crystal Flushmount 92348S44 92348S22 92348S11 92348S00James R. Moder
92418SJames Moder Prestige 92418S Crystal Chandelier 92418S44 92418S22 92418S11 92418S00James R. Moder
92424SJames Moder Prestige 92424S Crystal Chandelier 92424S44 92424S22 92424S11 92424S00James R. Moder
92424XOTJames Moder Prestige 92424XOT Crystal Chandelier 92424X4T 92424X2T 92424X1T 92424X0TJames R. Moder
92434SJames Moder Prestige 92434S Crystal Chandelier 92434S44 92434S22 92434S11 92434S00James R. Moder
92435SJames Moder Prestige 92435S Crystal Chandelier 92435S44 92435S22 92435S11 92435S00James R. Moder
92448SJames Moder Prestige 92448S Crystal Chandelier 92448S44 92448S22 92448S11 92448S00James R. Moder
92501James Moder Prestige 92501 Crystal Chandelier 92501S44 92501S22 92501S11James R. Moder
92502James Moder Prestige 92502 Crystal Chandelier 92502S44 92502S22 92502S11James R. Moder
92503James Moder Prestige 92503 Crystal Chandelier 92503S44 92503S22 92503S11James R. Moder
92511SJames Moder Prestige 92511S Crystal Wall Sconce 92511S44 92511S22 92511S11 92511S00James R. Moder
92514SJames Moder Prestige 92514S Crystal Wall Sconce 92514S44 92514S22 92514S11 92514S00James R. Moder
92521SJames Moder Prestige 92521S Crystal Wall Sconce 92521S44 92521S22 92521S11 92521S00James R. Moder
92522SJames Moder Prestige 92522S Crystal Bathroom Bar 92522S44 92522S22 92522S11 92522S00James R. Moder
92523SJames Moder Prestige 92523S Crystal Bathroom Bar 92523S44 92523S22 92523S11 92523S00James R. Moder
92524SJames Moder Prestige 92524S Crystal Bathroom Bar 92524S44 92524S22 92524S11 92524S00James R. Moder
92766James Moder Prestige 92766 Crystal Shade 92766S22 92766S11 92766S00 92766G22 92766G11 92766G00James R. Moder
93006James Moder Empress 93006 Crystal Chandelier 93006S22 93006S11 93006S0ZJames R. Moder
93009James Moder Empress 93009 Crystal Chandelier 93009S22 93009S11 93009S0ZJames R. Moder
93016James Moder Empress 93016 Crystal Chandelier 93016S22 93016S11 93016S0ZJames R. Moder
93020James Moder Empress 93020 Crystal Chandelier 93020S22 93020S11 93020S0ZJames R. Moder
93023James Moder Mini Chandeliers 93023 Crystal Chandelier 93023S22 93023S11 93023S0ZJames R. Moder
93023G22James Moder Empress 93023G22 Crystal Chandelier 93023S22 93023S11 93023S00 93023G22 93023G11 93023G00James R. Moder
93025James Moder Empress 93025 Crystal Chandelier 93025S22 93025S11 93025S0ZJames R. Moder
93026James Moder Empress 93026 Crystal Chandelier 93026S22 93026S11 93026S0ZJames R. Moder
93033James Moder Empress 93033 Crystal Semi-Flush 93033S22 93033S11 93033S0ZJames R. Moder
93035James Moder Empress 93035 Crystal Semi-Flush 93035S22 93035S11 93035S0ZJames R. Moder
93036James Moder Empress 93036 Crystal semi-Flush 93036S22 93036S11 93036S0ZJames R. Moder
93039James Moder Empress 93039 Crystal Semi-Flush 93039S22 93039S11 93039S0ZJames R. Moder
93090S11PJames Moder 93090S11P Crystal Chandelier 93090S11PJames R. Moder
93091S11PJames Moder 93091S11P Crystal Chandelier 93091S11PJames R. Moder
93092James Moder 93092 Crystal Chandelier 93092VB11P 93092S11P 93092G11PJames R. Moder
93093James Moder 93093 Crystal Flushmount 93093S11PJames R. Moder
93094James Moder 93094 Crystal Wall Sconce 93094S11PJames R. Moder
93095James Moder 93095 Crystal Chandelier 93095VB11P 93095S33P 93095G33PJames R. Moder
93097S11PJames Moder 93097S11P Crystal Chandelier 93097S11PJames R. Moder
93098S11PJames Moder 93098S11P Crystal Chandelier 93098S11PJames R. Moder
93099James Moder 93099 Crystal Chandelier 93099VB11P 93099S11P 93099G11PJames R. Moder
93101-22PJames Moder 93101-22P Crystal Chandelier 93101S22P 93101G22PJames R. Moder
93102James Moder 93102 Crystal Wall Sconce 93102VB22P 93102S22P 93102G22PJames R. Moder
93103James Moder 93103 Crystal Flushmount 93103S22P 93103G22PJames R. Moder
93104James Moder 93104 Crystal Wall Sconce 93104S22P 93104G22PJames R. Moder
93105James Moder 93105 Crystal Chandelier 93105S22P 93105G22PJames R. Moder
93106James Moder 93106 Crystal Chandelier 93106S22P 93106G22PJames R. Moder
93107James Moder 93107 Crystal Chandelier 93107S22P 93107G22PJames R. Moder
93108James Moder 93108 Crystal Chandelier 93108VB22P 93108S22P 93108G22PJames R. Moder
93109James Moder 93109 Crystal Flushmount 93109S22P 93109G22PJames R. Moder
93111James Moder 93111 Crystal Chandelier 93111S22P 93111G22PJames R. Moder
93112James Moder 93112 Crystal Chandelier 93112VB22P 93112S22P 93112G22PJames R. Moder
93116James Moder 93116 Crystal Chandelier 93116S22P 93116G22PJames R. Moder
93118James Moder 93118 Crystal Chandelier 93118S22P 93118G22PJames R. Moder
93119James Moder 93119 Crystal Chandelier 93119S22P 93119G22PJames R. Moder
93120James Moder 93120 Crystal Flushmount 93120S22P 93120G22PJames R. Moder
93121James Moder 93121 Crystal Flushmount 93121S22P 93121G22PJames R. Moder
93122James Moder 93122 Crystal Chandelier 93122S22P 93122G22PJames R. Moder
93142S11PJames Moder 93142S11P Crystal Chandelier 93142S11PJames R. Moder
93143GL11PJames Moder 93143GL11P Crystal Wall Sconce 93143GL11PJames R. Moder
93144GL11PJames Moder 93144GL11P Crystal Chandelier 93144GL11PJames R. Moder
93145GL11PJames Moder 93145GL11P Crystal Chandelier 93145GL11PJames R. Moder
93146GL11PJames Moder 93146GL11P Crystal Chandelier 93146GL11PJames R. Moder
93147GL11PJames Moder 93147GL11P Crystal Chandelier 93147S11P 93147GL11PJames R. Moder
93148GL11PJames Moder 93148GL11P Crystal Chandelier 93148GL11PJames R. Moder
93149S11PJames Moder 93149S11P Crystal Flushmount 93149S11PJames R. Moder
93150S11PJames Moder 93150S11P Crystal Flushmount 93150S11PJames R. Moder
93152James Moder Budget 93152 Crystal Wall Sconce 93152VB11P 93152S11P 93152G11PJames R. Moder
93153James Moder 93153 Crystal Chandelier 93153S11P 93153G11PJames R. Moder
93154James Moder 93154 Crystal Chandelier 93154S11P 93154G11PJames R. Moder
93158S11PJames Moder 93158S11P Crystal Chandelier 93158S11PJames R. Moder
93162S11PJames Moder 93162S11P Crystal Wall Sconce 93162S11PJames R. Moder
93163S11PJames Moder 93163S11P Crystal Chandelier 93163S11PJames R. Moder
93168BZ11PJames Moder 93168BZ11P Crystal Chandelier 93168BZ11-95P 93168BZ11PJames R. Moder
93490James Moder Galaxy 93490 Crystal Chandelier 93490S22 93490S11 93490S0ZJames R. Moder
93490-JAJames Moder Black Tie 93490-JA Crystal Chandelier 93490S2JA 93490S1JA 93490S0JAJames R. Moder
93500James Moder Boutique 93500 Crystal Mirror 93500S22 93500S11 93500S0RJames R. Moder
93501James Moder Boutique 93501 Crystal Table Lamp 93501S22 93501S11 93501S0RJames R. Moder
93511GJames Moder Boutique 93511G Crystal Table Lamp 93511G22 93511G11 93511G00James R. Moder
93521GJames Moder Boutique 93521G Crystal Table Lamp 93521G22 93521G11 93521G00James R. Moder
93531GJames Moder Boutique 93531G Crystal Table Lamp 93531G22 93531G11 93531G00James R. Moder
93532GJames Moder Boutique 93532G Crystal Table Lamp 93532G22 93532G11 93532G00James R. Moder
93533GJames Moder Boutique 93533G Crystal Floor Lamp 93533G22 93533G11 93533G00James R. Moder
93541James Moder Waterfall 93541 Crystal Flushmount 93541S22 93541S11 93541S00 93541G22 93541G11 93541G00James R. Moder
93542James Moder Waterfall 93542 Crystal Flushmount 93542S22 93542S11 93542S00 93542G22 93542G11 93542G00James R. Moder
93543James Moder Waterfall 93543 Crystal Flushmount 93543S22 93543S11 93543S00 93543G22 93543G11 93543G00James R. Moder
93607GJames Moder Entry Chandelier 93607G Crystal Chandelier 93607GL22 93607GL11 93607GL00James R. Moder
93722James Moder Christina 93722 Crystal Wall Sconce 93722S44 93722S22 93722S11James R. Moder
93723James Moder Christina 93723 Crystal Wall Sconce 93723S44 93723S22 93723S11James R. Moder
93728James Moder Christina 93728 Crystal Chandelier 93728S44 93728S22 93728S11James R. Moder
93732James Moder Bel-Air 93732 Crystal Wall Sconce 93732S44 93732S22 93732S1ZAJames R. Moder
93734James Moder Bel-Air 93734 Crystal Chandelier 93734S44 93734S22 93734S1ZAJames R. Moder
93735James Moder Bel-Air 93735 Crystal Chandelier 93735S44 93735S22 93735S1ZAJames R. Moder
93736James Moder Bel-Air 93736 Crystal Chandelier 93736S44 93736S22 93736S1ZAJames R. Moder
93738James Moder Bel-Air 93738 Crystal Chandelier 93738S44 93738S22 93738S1ZAJames R. Moder
93740James Moder Bel-Air 93740 Crystal Chandelier 93740S44 93740S22 93740S1ZAJames R. Moder
93902James Moder Maria Elena 93902 Crystal Wall Sconce 93902S44 93902S22 93902S11James R. Moder
93903James Moder Maria Elena 93903 Crystal Wall Sconce 93903S44 93903S22 93903S11James R. Moder
93905James Moder Maria Elena 93905 Crystal Wall Sconce 93905S44 93905S22 93905S11James R. Moder
93907James Moder Maria Elena 93907 Crystal Wall Sconce 93907S44 93907S22 93907S11James R. Moder
93910SJames Moder Maria Elena 93910S Crystal Chandelier 93910S44 93910S22 93910S11 93910S00James R. Moder
93911James Moder Maria Elena 93911 Crystal Wall Sconce 93911S44 93911S22 93911S11James R. Moder
93912SJames Moder Maria Elena 93912S Crystal Chandelier 93912S44 93912S22 93912S11 93912S00James R. Moder
93913SJames Moder Maria Elena 93913S Crystal Chandelier 93913S44 93913S22 93913S11 93913S00James R. Moder
93914SJames Moder Maria Elena 93914S Crystal Chandelier 93914S44 93914S22 93914S11 93914S00James R. Moder
93917SJames Moder 93917S Crystal Chandelier 93917S44 93917S22 93917S11 93917S00James R. Moder
93918SJames Moder Maria Elena 93918S Crystal Chandelier 93918S44 93918S22 93918S11 93918S00James R. Moder
93919SJames Moder Maria Elena 93919S Crystal Chandelier 93919S44 93919S22 93919S11 93919S00James R. Moder
93920SJames Moder Maria Elena 93920S Crystal Chandelier 93920S44 93920S22 93920S11 93920S00James R. Moder
93928SJames Moder Maria Elena 93928S Crystal Chandelier 93928S44 93928S22 93928S11 93928S00James R. Moder
93942SJames Moder Buckingham 93942S Crystal Wall Sconce 93942S44 93942S22 93942S11 93942S00James R. Moder
93943SJames Moder Buckingham 93943S Crystal Wall Sconce 93943S44 93943S22 93943S11 93943S00James R. Moder
93945SJames Moder Buckingham 93945S Crystal Wall Sconce 93945S44 93945S22 93945S11 93945S00James R. Moder
93947SJames Moder Buckingham 93947S Crystal Wall Sconce 93947S44 93947S22 93947S11 93947S00James R. Moder
93948SJames Moder Buckingham 93948S Crystal Chandelier 93948S44 93948S22 93948S11 93948S00James R. Moder
93950SJames Moder Buckingham 93950S Crystal Chandelier 93950S44 93950S22 93950S11 93950S00James R. Moder
93951SJames Moder Buckingham 93951S Crystal Wall Sconce 93951S44 93951S22 93951S11 93951S00James R. Moder
93952SJames Moder Buckingham 93952S Crystal Chandelier 93952S44 93952S22 93952S11 93952S00James R. Moder
93953SJames Moder Buckingham 93953S Crystal Chandelier 93953S44 93953S22 93953S11 93953S00James R. Moder
93954SJames Moder Buckingham 93954S Crystal Chandelier 93954S44 93954S22 93954S11 93954S00James R. Moder
93957SJames Moder Buckingham 93957S Crystal Chandelier 93957S44 93957S22 93957S11 93957S00James R. Moder
93959SJames Moder Buckingham 93959S Crystal Chandelier 93959S44 93959S22 93959S11 93959S00James R. Moder
93960SJames Moder Buckingham 93960S Crystal Chandelier 93960S44 93960S22 93960S11 93960S00James R. Moder
93971James Moder Vanessa 93971 Crystal Chandelier 93971S44 93971S22 93971S11James R. Moder
93972James Moder Vanessa 93972 Crystal Wall Sconce 93972S44 93972S22 93972S11James R. Moder
93973James Moder Vanessa 93973 Crystal Flushmount 93973S44 93973S22 93973S11James R. Moder
93974James Moder Vanessa 93974 Crystal Wall Sconce 93974S44 93974S22 93974S11James R. Moder
93975James Moder Vanessa 93975 Crystal Chandelier 93975S44 93975S22 93975S11James R. Moder
93976James Moder Vanessa 93976 Crystal Chandelier 93976S44 93976S22 93976S11James R. Moder
93977James Moder Vanessa 93977 Crystal Chandelier 93977S44 93977S22 93977S11James R. Moder
94021James Moder Empire 94021 Crystal Semi-Flush 94021S44 94021S22 94021S11James R. Moder
94022James Moder Empire 94022 Crystal Flushmount 94022S44 94022S22 94022S11James R. Moder
94041James Moder Empress 94041 Crystal Semi-Flush 94041S22 94041S11 94041S00 94041G22 94041G11 94041G00James R. Moder
94042James Moder Empress 94042 Crystal Flushmount 94042S22 94042S11 94042S00 94042G22 94042G11 94042G00James R. Moder
94051James Moder Prestige 94051 Crystal Semi-Flush 94051S44 94051S22 94051S11James R. Moder
94101James Moder Princess 94101 Crystal Flushmount 94101S2RA 94101S2MA 94101S2GAJames R. Moder
94102James Moder Princess 94102 Crystal Flushmount 94102S2RA 94102S2MA 94102S2GAJames R. Moder
94103James Moder Princess 94103 Crystal Flushmount 94103S2RA 94103S2MA 94103S2GAJames R. Moder
94104James Moder Princess 94104 Crystal Chandelier 94104S2RA 94104S2MA 94104S2GAJames R. Moder
94105James Moder Princess 94105 Crystal Chandelier 94105S2RA 94105S2MA 94105S2GAJames R. Moder
94106James Moder Princess 94106 Crystal Chandelier 94106S2RA 94106S2MA 94106S2GAJames R. Moder
94107James Moder Princess 94107 Crystal Wall Sconce 94107S2RA 94107S2MA 94107S2GAJames R. Moder
94108James Moder Princess 94108 Crystal Chandelier 94108S2RA 94108S2MA 94108S2GAJames R. Moder
94109James Moder Princess 94109 Crystal Wall Sconce 94109S2RA-88 94109S2RA-55James R. Moder
94110James Moder Princess 94110 Crystal Chandelier 94110S2RA-88 94110S2RA-55James R. Moder
94111James Moder Princess 94111 Crystal Chandelier 94111S2RA-88 94111S2RA-55James R. Moder
94112James Moder Princess 94112 Crystal Chandelier 94112S2RA-88 94112S2RA-55James R. Moder
94113James Moder Princess 94113 Crystal Table Lamp 94113S22-88 94113S22-55 94113SJames R. Moder
94114James Moder Princess 94114 Crystal Chandelier 94114S2RA-88 94114S2RA-55James R. Moder
94115James Moder Princess 94115 Crystal Chandelier 94115S2RA-88 94115S2RA-55James R. Moder
94116James Moder Princess 94116 Crystal Chandelier 94116S2RA 94116S2MA 94116S2GAJames R. Moder
94117James Moder Princess 94117 Crystal Chandelier 94117S2RA 94117S2MA 94117S2GAJames R. Moder
94118James Moder Princess 94118 Crystal Bathroom Bar 94118S2RA 94118S2MA 94118S2GAJames R. Moder
94119James Moder Princess 94119 Crystal Bathroom Bar 94119S2RA 94119S2MA 94119S2GAJames R. Moder
94120James Moder Princess 94120 Crystal Bathroom Bar 94120S2RA 94120S2MA 94120S2GAJames R. Moder
94121James Moder Princess 94121 Crystal Chandelier 94121S2RA-88 94121S2RA-55James R. Moder
94122James Moder Entry Chandelier 94122 Crystal Chandelier 94122S22 94122S11 94122S00 94122G22 94122G11 94122G00James R. Moder
94123James Moder Princess 94123 Crystal Candle Holder 94123S22 94123S11 94123S00 94123G22 94123G11 94123G00James R. Moder
94127James Moder Jacqueline 94127 Crystal Flushmount 94127S22 94127S11 94127S00 94127G22 94127G11 94127G00James R. Moder
94128James Moder Jacqueline 94128 Crystal Flushmount 94128S22 94128S11 94128S00 94128G22 94128G11 94128G00James R. Moder
94129James Moder Jacqueline 94129 Crystal Flushmount 94129S22 94129S11 94129S00 94129G22 94129G11 94129G00James R. Moder
94137James Moder Jacqueline 94137 Crystal Semi-Flush 94137S22 94137S11 94137S00 94137G22 94137G11 94137G00James R. Moder
94138James Moder Jacqueline 94138 Crystal Semi-Flush 94138S22 94138S11 94138S00 94138G22 94138G11 94138G00James R. Moder
94139James Moder Jacqueline 94139 Crystal Semi-Flush 94139S22 94139S11 94139S00 94139G22 94139G11 94139G00James R. Moder
94144James Moder Jacqueline 94144 Crystal Chandelier 94144S22 94144S11 94144S00 94144G22 94144G11 94144G00James R. Moder
94145James Moder Jacqueline 94145 Crystal Chandelier 94145S22 94145S11 94145S00 94145G22 94145G11 94145G00James R. Moder
94146James Moder Jacqueline 94146 Crystal Chandelier 94146S22 94146S11 94146S00 94146G22 94146G11 94146G00James R. Moder
94148James Moder Jacqueline 94148 Crystal Chandelier 94148S22 94148S11 94148S00 94148G22 94148G11 94148G00James R. Moder
94160James Moder Broadway 94160 Crystal Chandelier 94160SB4JA 94160SB44 94160SB2JJames R. Moder
94160-JAJames Moder Broadway 94160-JA Crystal Chandelier 94160SB4JA 94160SB44 94160SB2JJames R. Moder
94162SJames Moder Broadway 94162S Crystal Chandelier 94162S44 94162S22 94162S11 94162S00James R. Moder
94163SJames Moder Broadway 94163S Crystal Chandelier 94163S44 94163S22 94163S11 94163S00James R. Moder
94165James Moder Princess 94165 Crystal Chandelier 94165G2RA 94165G2MA 94165G2GAJames R. Moder
94166James Moder Princess 94166 Crystal Chandelier 94166G2RA 94166G2MA 94166G2GAJames R. Moder
94167James Moder Princess 94167 Crystal Chandelier 94167G2RA 94167G2MA 94167G2GAJames R. Moder
94168SJames Moder Broadway 94168S Crystal Wall Sconce 94168S44 94168S22 94168S11 94168S00James R. Moder
94169SJames Moder Broadway 94169S Crystal Wall Sconce 94169S44 94169S22 94169S11 94169S00James R. Moder
94170SJames Moder Broadway 94170S Crystal Chandelier 94170S44 94170S22 94170S11 94170S00James R. Moder
94171SJames Moder Fontaine 94171S Crystal Flushmount 94171S22 94171S11 94171S00James R. Moder
94172SJames Moder Fontaine 94172S Crystal Chandelier 94172S22 94172S11 94172S00James R. Moder
94176SJames Moder Fontaine 94176S Crystal Wall Sconce 94176S22 94176S11 94176S00James R. Moder
94202SJames Moder Vienna 94202S Crystal Wall Sconce 94202S44 94202S22 94202S11 94202S00James R. Moder
94203SJames Moder Vienna 94203S Crystal Wall Sconce 94203S44 94203S22 94203S11 94203S00James R. Moder
94204SJames Moder Maria Theresa Grand 94204S Crystal Wall Sconce 94204S44 94204S22 94204S11 94204S00James R. Moder
94206SJames Moder Vienna 94206S Crystal Chandelier 94206S44 94206S22 94206S11 94206S00James R. Moder
94206S-JAJames Moder Vienna 94206S-JA Crystal Chandelier 94206S4JA 94206S2JA 94206S1JA 94206S0JAJames R. Moder
94208SJames Moder Vienna 94208S Crystal Chandelier 94208S44 94208S2RA 94208S2BAJames R. Moder
94212SJames Moder Vienna 94212S Crystal Chandelier 94212S44 94212S22 94212S11 94212S00James R. Moder
94218SJames Moder Vienna 94218S Crystal Chandelier 94218S44 94218S22 94218S11 94218S00James R. Moder
94302James Moder Paris 94302 Crystal Wall Sconce 94302BZ22 94302BZ11 94302BZ00James R. Moder
94308James Moder Paris 94308 Crystal Chandelier 94308BZ22 94308BZ11 94308BZ00James R. Moder
94312James Moder Paris 94312 Crystal Chandelier 94312BZ22 94312BZ11 94312BZ00James R. Moder
94322James Moder Madrid 94322 Crystal Wall Sconce 94322GB44 94322GB22 94322GB11James R. Moder
94325James Moder Madrid 94325 Crystal Wall Sconce 94325GB44 94325GB22 94325GB11James R. Moder
94326James Moder Madrid 94326 Crystal Chandelier 94326GB44 94326GB22 94326GB11James R. Moder
94328James Moder Madrid 94328 Crystal Chandelier 94328GB44 94328GB22 94328GB11James R. Moder
94328-JAJames Moder Madrid 94328-JA Crystal Chandelier 94328GB2JA 94328BZ2JA 94328AB2JAJames R. Moder
94329James Moder Madrid 94329 Crystal Chandelier 94329GB44 94329GB22 94329GB11James R. Moder
94330James Moder Madrid 94330 Crystal Chandelier 94330GB44 94330GB22 94330GB11James R. Moder
94339James Moder Madrid 94339 Crystal Chandelier 94339GB44 94339GB22 94339GB11James R. Moder
94340James Moder Madrid 94340 Crystal Chandelier 94340GB44 94340GB22 94340GB11James R. Moder
94341James Moder Dynasty 94341 Crystal Wall Sconce 94341S22 94341S11 94341S00James R. Moder
94342James Moder Dynasty 94342 Crystal Wall Sconce 94342S22-55 94342S22 94342S11-James R. Moder
94343James Moder Dynasty 94343 Crystal Chandelier 94343S22 94343S11 94343S00James R. Moder
94344James Moder Dynasty 94344 Crystal Semi-Flush 94344S22 94344S11 94344S00James R. Moder
94346James Moder Dynasty 94346 Crystal Chandelier 94346S22-55 94346S22 94346S11-James R. Moder
94348James Moder Dynasty 94348 Crystal Chandelier 94348S22-55 94348S22 94348S11-James R. Moder
94350James Moder Dynasty 94350 Crystal Chandelier 94350S22-55 94350S22 94350S11-James R. Moder
94372BZJames Moder Isabella 94372BZ Crystal Wall Sconce 94372BZ4TA 94372BZ4SA 94372BZ4James R. Moder
94373BZJames Moder Isabella 94373BZ Crystal Chandelier 94373BZ4TA 94373BZ4SA 94373BZ4James R. Moder
94375BZJames Moder Isabella 94375BZ Crystal Chandelier 94375BZ4TA 94375BZ4SA 94375BZ4James R. Moder
94378BZJames Moder Isabella 94378BZ Crystal Chandelier 94378BZ4TA 94378BZ4SA 94378BZ4James R. Moder
94380BZJames Moder Isabella 94380BZ Crystal Chandelier 94380BZ4TA 94380BZ4SA 94380BZ4James R. Moder
94386BZJames Moder Isabella 94386BZ Crystal Floor Lamp 94386BZ4TA 94386BZ4SA 94386BZ4James R. Moder
94390BZJames Moder Isabella 94390BZ Crystal Chandelier 94390BZ4TA 94390BZ4SA 94390BZ4James R. Moder
94431James Moder Murano 94431 Crystal Wall Sconce 94431VB22 94431VB11 94431VB00James R. Moder
94434James Moder Murano 94434 Crystal Semi-Flush 94434VB22 94434VB11 94434VB00James R. Moder
94438James Moder Murano 94438 Crystal Chandelier 94438VB22 94438VB11 94438VB00James R. Moder
94451James Moder Florale 94451 Crystal Wall Sconce 94451S2M 94451S2GEA 94451S2GJames R. Moder
94454James Moder Florale 94454 Crystal Semi-Flush 94454S2M 94454S2GEA 94454S2GJames R. Moder
94455James Moder Florale 94455 Crystal Flushmount 94455S2M 94455S2GEA 94455S2GJames R. Moder
94456James Moder Florale 94456 Crystal Chandelier 94456S2M 94456S2GEA 94456S2GJames R. Moder
94457James Moder Florale 94457 Crystal Chandelier 94457S2M 94457S2GEA 94457S2GJames R. Moder
94458James Moder Florale 94458 Crystal Chandelier 94458S2M 94458S2GEA 94458S2GJames R. Moder
94459James Moder Florale 94459 Crystal Chandelier 94459S2M 94459S2GEA 94459S2GJames R. Moder
94502James Moder Orbiter 94502 Crystal Wall Sconce 94502S22 94502S11 94502S00 94502G22 94502G11 94502G00James R. Moder
94506James Moder Orbiter 94506 Crystal Chandelier 94506S22 94506S11 94506S00 94506G22 94506G11 94506G00James R. Moder
94508James Moder Orbiter 94508 Crystal Chandelier 94508S22 94508S11 94508S00 94508G22 94508G11 94508G00James R. Moder
94512James Moder Valencia 94512 Crystal Wall Sconce 94512GB44 94512GB22 94512GB11James R. Moder
94515James Moder Valencia 94515 Crystal Wall Sconce 94515GB44 94515GB22 94515GB11James R. Moder
94516James Moder Valencia 94516 Crystal Chandelier 94516GB44 94516GB22 94516GB11James R. Moder
94518James Moder Valencia 94518 Crystal Chandelier 94518GB44 94518GB2MTA 94518GB2James R. Moder
94519James Moder Valencia 94519 Crystal Chandelier 94519GB44 94519GB22 94519GB11James R. Moder
94520James Moder Valencia 94520 Crystal Chandelier 94520GB44 94520GB22 94520GB11James R. Moder
94529James Moder Valencia 94529 Crystal Chandelier 94529GB44 94529GB22 94529GB11James R. Moder
94530James Moder Valencia 94530 Crystal Chandelier 94530GB44 94530GB22 94530GB11James R. Moder
94552BZJames Moder Charleston 94552BZ Crystal Wall Sconce 94552BZ22 94552BZ11 94552BZ00James R. Moder
94552BZ-JAJames Moder Black Tie 94552BZ-JA Crystal Wall Sconce 94552BZ2JA 94552BZ1JA 94552BZ0JAJames R. Moder
94553BZJames Moder Charleston 94553BZ Crystal Chandelier 94553BZ2JA 94553BZ22 94553BZ1JA 94553BZ11 94553BZ00James R. Moder
94555BZJames Moder Charleston 94555BZ Crystal Chandelier 94555BZ2JA 94555BZ22 94555BZ1JA 94555BZ11 94555BZ00James R. Moder
94558BZJames Moder Charleston 94558BZ Crystal Chandelier 94558BZ2JA 94558BZ22 94558BZ1JA 94558BZ11 94558BZ00James R. Moder
94558BZ-JAJames Moder Charleston 94558BZ-JA Crystal Chandelier 94558BZ2JA 94558BZ22 94558BZ1JA 94558BZ11 94558BZ00James R. Moder
94560BZJames Moder Charleston 94560BZ Crystal Chandelier 94560BZ2JA 94560BZ22 94560BZ1JA 94560BZ11 94560BZ00James R. Moder
94566BZJames Moder Charleston 94566BZ Crystal Floor Lamp 94566BZ2JA 94566BZ22 94566BZ1JA 94566BZ11 94566BZ00James R. Moder
94570BZJames Moder Charleston 94570BZ Crystal Chandelier 94570BZ2JA 94570BZ22 94570BZ1JA 94570BZ11 94570BZ00James R. Moder
94592SIJames Moder Italia 94592SI Crystal Wall Sconce 94592SI22 94592SI11 94592SI00James R. Moder
94596SIJames Moder Italia 94596SI Crystal Chandelier 94596SI22 94596SI11 94596SI00James R. Moder
94598SIJames Moder Italia 94598SI Crystal Chandelier 94598SI22 94598SI11 94598SI00James R. Moder
94631VBJames Moder Florence 94631VB Crystal Wall Sconce 94631VB44 94631VB2S 94631VB2RJames R. Moder
94633VBJames Moder Florence 94633VB Crystal Chandelier 94633VB44 94633VB2S 94633VB2RJames R. Moder
94636VBJames Moder Florence 94636VB Crystal Chandelier 94636VB44 94636VB2S 94636VB2RJames R. Moder
94643VBJames Moder Florence 94643VB Crystal Flushmount 94643VB44 94643VB2S 94643VB2RJames R. Moder
94653VBJames Moder Florence 94653VB Crystal Chandelier 94653VB44 94653VB2S 94653VB2RJames R. Moder
94681BZJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 94681BZ Crystal Chandelier 94681BZ44James R. Moder
94682WJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 94682W Crystal Chandelier 94682W44James R. Moder
94683BZJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 94683BZ Crystal Chandelier 94683BZ2EJames R. Moder
94685WJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 94685W Crystal Chandelier 94685W44James R. Moder
94702James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94702 Crystal Wall Sconce 94702S44 94702S22 94702S11James R. Moder
94703James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94703 Crystal Wall Sconce 94703S44 94703S22 94703S11James R. Moder
94705James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94705 Crystal Wall Sconce 94705S44 94705S22 94705S11James R. Moder
94707James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94707 Crystal Wall Sconce 94707S44 94707S22 94707S11James R. Moder
94710James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94710 Crystal Chandelier 94710S44 94710S22 94710S11James R. Moder
94715James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94715 Crystal Chandelier 94715S44 94715S22 94715S11James R. Moder
94716James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94716 Crystal Chandelier 94716S44 94716S22 94716S11James R. Moder
94722James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94722 Crystal Chandelier 94722S44 94722S22 94722S11James R. Moder
94732James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94732 Crystal Chandelier 94732S44 94732S22 94732S11James R. Moder
94735James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94735 Crystal Chandelier 94735S44 94735S22 94735S11James R. Moder
94738James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94738 Crystal Chandelier 94738S44 94738S22 94738S11James R. Moder
94744James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94744 Crystal Chandelier 94744S44 94744S22 94744S11James R. Moder
94746James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94746 Crystal Chandelier 94746S44 94746S22 94746S11James R. Moder
94754James Moder Maria Theresa Royal 94754 Crystal Chandelier 94754S44 94754S22 94754S11James R. Moder
94772James Moder Maria Theresa Value 94772 Crystal Wall Sconce 94772S44 94772S33 94772S22James R. Moder
94773James Moder Maria Theresa Value 94773 Crystal Wall Sconce 94773S44 94773S33 94773S22James R. Moder
94785James Moder Mini Chandeliers 94785 Crystal Chandelier 94785S44 94785S33 94785S22James R. Moder
94786SJames Moder 94786S Crystal Chandelier 94786S44 94786S33 94786S22James R. Moder
94788James Moder Maria Theresa Value 94788 Crystal Chandelier 94788S44 94788S33 94788S22James R. Moder
94790James Moder Maria Theresa Value 94790 Crystal Chandelier 94790S44 94790S33 94790S22James R. Moder
94795James Moder Maria Theresa Value 94795 Crystal Chandelier 94795S44 94795S33 94795S22James R. Moder
94796James Moder Maria Theresa Grand 94796 Crystal Table Lamp 94796S44 94796S33 94796S22James R. Moder
94801James Moder Jacqueline 94801 Crystal Flushmount 94801S44 94801S22 94801S11James R. Moder
94802James Moder Jacqueline 94802 Crystal Wall Sconce 94802S44 94802S22 94802S11James R. Moder
94803James Moder Jacqueline 94803 Crystal Chandelier 94803S44 94803S22 94803S11James R. Moder
94805James Moder Jacqueline 94805 Crystal Chandelier 94805S44 94805S22 94805S11James R. Moder
94807James Moder Jacqueline 94807 Crystal Chandelier 94807S44 94807S22 94807S11James R. Moder
94808James Moder Jacqueline 94808 Crystal Chandelier 94808S44 94808S22 94808S11James R. Moder
94950SJames Moder Sun Sphere 94950S Crystal Chandelier 94950S2T 94950S2S 94950S2RJames R. Moder
94960SJames Moder Sun Sphere 94960S Crystal Chandelier 94960S2T 94960S2S 94960S2RJames R. Moder
94970SJames Moder Sun Sphere 94970S Crystal Pendant 94970S2T 94970S2S 94970S2RJames R. Moder
94980SJames Moder Sun Sphere 94980S Crystal Pendant 94980S2T 94980S2S 94980S2RJames R. Moder
95261SJames Moder Broadway 95261S Crystal Flushmount 95261S2T 95261S2S 95261S2RJames R. Moder
95331SJames Moder Broadway 95331S Crystal Wall Sconce 95331S2T 95331S2S 95331S2RJames R. Moder
95530SJames Moder Broadway 95530S Crystal Wall Sconce 95530S2T 95530S2S 95530S2RJames R. Moder
95550SJames Moder Broadway 95550S Crystal Chandelier 95550S2T 95550S2S 95550S2RJames R. Moder
95552SJames Moder Broadway 95552S Crystal Chandelier 95552S2T 95552S2S 95552S2RJames R. Moder
95560SJames Moder Broadway 95560S Crystal Chandelier 95560S2T 95560S2S 95560S2RJames R. Moder
95562SJames Moder Broadway 95562S Crystal Chandelier 95562S2T 95562S2S 95562S2RJames R. Moder
95564SJames Moder Broadway 95564S Crystal Chandelier 95564S2T 95564S2S 95564S2RJames R. Moder
95565SJames Moder Broadway 95565S Crystal Chandelier 95565S2T 95565S2S 95565S2RJames R. Moder
95566SJames Moder Broadway 95566S Crystal Chandelier 95566S2T 95566S2S 95566S2RJames R. Moder
95570SJames Moder Broadway 95570S Crystal Flushmount 95570S2T 95570S2S 95570S2RJames R. Moder
95580SJames Moder Broadway 95580S Crystal Chandelier 95580S2T 95580S2S 95580S2RJames R. Moder
95590SJames Moder Broadway 95590S Crystal Wall Sconce 95590S2T 95590S2S 95590S2RJames R. Moder
95602ABJames Moder Versailles 95602AB Crystal Wall Sconce 95602AB44 95602AB22 95602AB11 95602AB00James R. Moder
95603ABJames Moder Versailles 95603AB Crystal Chandelier 95603AB44 95603AB22 95603AB11 95603AB00James R. Moder
95606ABJames Moder Versailles 95606AB Crystal Chandelier 95606AB44 95606AB22 95606AB11 95606AB00James R. Moder
95608ABJames Moder Versailles 95608AB Crystal Chandelier 95608AB44 95608AB22 95608AB11 95608AB00James R. Moder
95610ABJames Moder Versailles 95610AB Crystal Chandelier 95610AB44 95610AB22 95610AB11 95610AB00James R. Moder
95632SJames Moder Eclipse 95632S Crystal Wall Sconce 95632S22 95632S11 95632S00James R. Moder
95634SJames Moder Eclipse 95634S Crystal Chandelier 95634S22 95634S11 95634S00James R. Moder
95636SJames Moder Eclipse 95636S Crystal Chandelier 95636S22 95636S11 95636S00James R. Moder
95638SJames Moder Eclipse 95638S Crystal Chandelier 95638S22 95638S11 95638S00James R. Moder
95640SJames Moder Eclipse 95640S Crystal Chandelier 95640S22 95640S11 95640S00James R. Moder
95644SJames Moder Eclipse 95644S Crystal Flushmount 94644S22 95644S11 95644S00James R. Moder
95654SJames Moder Eclipse 95654S Crystal Flushmount 95654S22 95654S11 95654S00James R. Moder
95656SJames Moder Eclipse 95656S Crystal Flushmount 95656S22 95656S11 95656S00James R. Moder
95657SJames Moder Eclipse 95657S Crystal Chandelier 95657S22 95657S11 95657S00James R. Moder
95658SJames Moder Eclipse 95658S Crystal Chandelier 95658S22 95658S11 95658S00James R. Moder
95660SJames Moder Eclipse 95660S Crystal Chandelier 95660S22 95660S11 95660S00James R. Moder
95670SJames Moder Eclipse 95670S Crystal Entry Chandelier 95670S22 95670S11 95670S00James R. Moder
95682BSJames Moder Montenegro 95682BS Crystal Wall Sconce 95682BS44 95682BS22 95682BS11 95682BS00James R. Moder
95683BSJames Moder Montenegro 95683BS Crystal Wall Sconce 95683BS44 95683BS22 95683BS11 95683BS00James R. Moder
95684BSJames Moder Montenegro 95684BS Crystal Chandelier 95684BS44 95684BS22 95684BS11 95684BS00James R. Moder
95686BSJames Moder Montenegro 95686BS Crystal Chandelier 95686BS44 95686BS22 95686BS11 95686BS00James R. Moder
95687BSJames Moder Montenegro 95687BS Crystal Chandelier 95687BS44 95687BS22 95687BS11 95687BS00James R. Moder
95688BSJames Moder Montenegro 95688BS Crystal Chandelier 95688BS44 95688BS22 95688BS11 95688BS00James R. Moder
95689BSJames Moder Montenegro 95689BS Crystal Chandelier 95689BS44 95689BS22 95689BS11 95689BS00James R. Moder
95690BSJames Moder Montenegro 95690BS Crystal Chandelier 95690BS44 95690BS22 95690BS11 95690BS00James R. Moder
95695BSJames Moder Montenegro 95695BS Crystal Chandelier 95695BS44 95695BS22 95695BS11 95695BS00James R. Moder
95696BSJames Moder Montenegro 95696BS Crystal Chandelier 95696BS44 95696BS22 95696BS11 95696BS00James R. Moder
95702SJames Moder Splendor 95702S Crystal Wall Sconce 95702VB2EA 95702VB22 95702VB11James R. Moder
95702VBJames Moder Splendor 95702VB Crystal Wall Sconce 95702VB2EA 95702VB22 95702VB11James R. Moder
95703SJames Moder Splendor 95703S Crystal Chandelier 95703VB2EA 95703VB22 95703VB11James R. Moder
95703VBJames Moder Splendor 95703VB Crystal Chandelier 95703VB2EA 95703VB22 95703VB11James R. Moder
95706James Moder Splendor 95706 Crystal Chandelier 95706VB2EA 95706VB22 95706VB11James R. Moder
95709James Moder Splendor 95709 Crystal Chandelier 95709VB2EA 95709VB22 95709VB11James R. Moder
95723SJames Moder Broadway 95723S Crystal Bathroom Bar 95723S2T 95723S2S 95723S2RJames R. Moder
95724SJames Moder Broadway 95724S Crystal Bathroom Bar 95724S2T 95724S2S 95724S2RJames R. Moder
95725SJames Moder Broadway 95725S Crystal Chandelier 95725S2T 95725S2S 95725S2RJames R. Moder
95735SJames Moder Broadway 95735S Crystal Chandelier 95735S2T 95735S2S 95735S2RJames R. Moder
95741ABJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 95741AB Crystal Chandelier 95741AB44 95741AB22 95741AB11 95741AB00James R. Moder
95742ABJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 95742AB Crystal Chandelier 95742AB44 95742AB22 95742AB11 95742AB00James R. Moder
95743SJames Moder Mini Chandeliers 95743S Crystal Chandelier 95743S44 95743S22 95743S11 95743S00James R. Moder
95752BIJames Moder Florence 95752BI Crystal Wall Sconce 95752BI4BAJames R. Moder
95753BIJames Moder Florence 95753BI Crystal Chandelier 95753BI4BAJames R. Moder
95756BIJames Moder Florence 95756BI Crystal Chandelier 95756BI4BAJames R. Moder
95772SJames Moder Fiesta 95772S Crystal Wall Sconce 95772S44-76 95772S22-76 95772SJames R. Moder
95776SJames Moder Fiesta 95776S Crystal Chandelier 95776S44-76 95776S22-76 95776SJames R. Moder
95792James Moder 95792 Crystal Flushmount 95792VB44 95792VB22 95792VB11James R. Moder
95794James Moder 95794 Crystal Flushmount 95794VB44 95794VB22 95794VB11James R. Moder
95796James Moder 95796 Crystal Flushmount 95796VB44 95796VB22 95796VB11James R. Moder
95798James Moder 95798 Crystal Flushmount 95798VB44 95798VB22 95798VB11James R. Moder
95804James Moder 95804 Crystal Flushmount 95804VB22 95804VB11 95804VB00James R. Moder
95814James Moder 95814 Crystal Flushmount 95814VB44 95814VB22 95814VB11James R. Moder
95816James Moder 95816 Crystal Flushmount 95816VB44 95816VB22 95816VB11James R. Moder
95887SJames Moder Millennium 95887S Crystal Chandelier 95887S44 95887S22 95887S00James R. Moder
95888SJames Moder Millennium 95888S Crystal Chandelier 95888S44 95888S22 95888S00James R. Moder
95889SJames Moder Millennium 95889S Crystal Chandelier 95889S44 95889S22 95889S00James R. Moder